Looking at the title one might wonder how is this even remotely similar to an almost impossible and historical feat of moon-landing in 1969. Well, if one followed the political history of India, one would be aware that a second term for a new age political party, other than Congress, was considered almost as impossible as the moon-landing. This is the first time in Indian history that a political party other than Congress has managed to stay in power for their second term at the center. It wouldn’t have been possible to pull this off for anyone other than Narendra Modi himself.

This is the first time almost half a billion people on earth voted for one man. Let that sink in.

Why a small win for Modi?

This win is small in no form or shape. It’s possibly one of the grandest victories. But for a man who has never lost an electoral battle since he assumed Chief Minister’s office in 2001, this is just another feather on his cap. Coming from a very humble background, carrying nothing but a simple dream to see mother India bask in glory once again, he is marching forward with great conviction.

He has been working tirelessly for over 16 hours a day for the past 20 years in office, without break. He has sacrificed everything for the sake of his nation. In his own words, it doesn’t affect him if he wins or loses. If lost, he says, will walk away with a ‘jhola’ in his hand like a true ‘sanyasi’ who never owned anything. So yes, this win is just an approval for him by the masses that his work is affecting their lives positively. And a command to keep working.

A huge victory for India, really?

The ten-year term of UPA rule (or call it misrule) left India in dire straits. Inflation had hit a record high of 12%. The GDP growth had taken a snail’s pace, 4.6%, lowest in over a decade. Policy paralysis was very evident and it reflected on poor implementation of projects. One can remember the infamous ‘Jayanthi Tax’ which Modi used to refer to the losses caused by delay in getting environmental clearances for projects. Scams worth lakhs of crores of rupees made headlines almost every other day of Sonia Gandhi rule. Counting the number of zeroes in the amount of money swindled had become one of our favourite pass times. Frequent terrorist attacks from across the border and a meek response from our government made people lose faith in our spineless politicians. Worst of all, people had lost hope. “Kuch nahi hoga is desh ka” was the sentiment everywhere.

Then came a gleaming ray of the rising sun, ironically from the west. In 2014, with the emergence of Narendra Modi, India had regained its hope. People of India bet on one man, invested all their hopes and aspirations in him and gave him a thumping majority. Come 2019 people have only ‘upped the ante’. And why not? Last five years of Modi, India has seen a complete turn-around. Inflation is very well under control, GDP growth is highest in the world, projects are cleared at a faster pace while making sure on their implementation. There are virtually no scams, only false allegations. India has probably never been more secure than it is now. The evils of the ten years of misrule have been undone. A perfect launch pad has been set up. The next five years is when India will take a huge leap. A billion people will take a leap.

Can we call it ‘a huge leap for mankind’? Neil Armstrong might approve!

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Kumar S
Kumar S
5 years ago

Wonderful! Well expressed Ravi

Anand Kajave
Anand Kajave
5 years ago

Very well said!

10 months ago
Modi, a tea boy has mesmerized the world bypassing Gandhi, Nehru, and all other leaders of India. In the beging he carried the Gujrat riot to punish the culprits, now win over Russia, USA and French. Above all he had established the real brotherhood with the Muslim World. has proved beyond doubt Muslims are brothers and Sister, for development India require UNITY unlike Gandhi who divided the country and destroyed INDIA.