Loss of life is unbearable, regardless of what community the departed belongs to; after all, we don’t choose who our parents are nor our religion. Be it a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian or Jewish (fill in your community here) person, the pain felt is unbearable!

Over the past few years, it is worth noting, the media have highlighted the loss of Muslim life in India. Our collective heart goes out to those affected, as violence is never the answer to any situation.

Let’s now look at the loss of Hindu lives that have either been missed by the media or simply ignored. We are already aware of at least 18 RSS workers that were killed in Karnataka alone. We hear horrifying stories of how their families were maimed. To this we can add the daily violence that is in the day of the RSS workers’ life, in Kerala. Now, during election season v.2019, we can add West Bengal to the list of “States that want to Kill the RSS Cadre” Where celebrities held candle lit marches for one particular community, this was noticeably missing when Hindus were being killed. No returning of awards, no denouncing the violence! None at all!!

It is left for people like you and I to ask the following questions. Who perpetrated these crimes? Will we ever know? Unfortunately the main stream media that waxed poetic about “the son of a poor headmaster”, about a Muslim terrorist who killed people(Hindus, Christians and Muslims in addition to other communities), doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for the RSS cadre! Why would one life matter while another doesn’t? What is it about Hindus that makes the media turn seemingly indifferent? Is it the fact that we are a majority? Is it the fact that we have so many educated people? Or is it something as simple as the fact that we idolize our gods and goddesses?

When one member of the main stream media was talking about the alleged cow lynching cases, a spokesperson for the ruling party asked the host about who would speak for the Hindu lives lost! Rather than answer the question, or show token sympathy for those killed, what came out of this host’s mouth had me shocked. The person said, “so this is all about getting even.” Really? When two people, from two communities die, all that occurred to this well known host was “it’s all about getting even”! Does this even look like a contest? Lives are being Lost! Indian lives for those so inclined! Where he named all the people from the other community, he didn’t even bother to name one, JUST ONE, RSS worker killed.

The Pulwama attack brought the best out of the grieving country! Regardless of who you talked to, they wanted revenge. Then, we had some, who counted the number of dead by their caste and communities! When soldiers lay dead, one author pointed them out by name and community, trying to emphasize how none of them was from the upper caste!! Is this what India has come down to?

So I ask you, my dear reader, Are Hindus the children of a lesser god?

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