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Kamal Lochan

A Patriot ,Traveler , Political Analyst,Culture, interested in History, Sports and Photography.



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Was Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 the First Indian Freedom struggle ?

It has been taught to us through School textbooks and different history books that “Sepoy Mutiny” in 1987 was the first struggle for independence of India. Initially, this revolution was downplayed by British by...

OPINION: Ram Mandir: First step towards decolonization of Hindu minds

Bharat Varsh has been invaded in-numerous times starting from Greeks to British. No one was able to subjugate Bharat until the Islamic invasion mainly by Mughals and then the British. The thousand years of...

Bhima Bhoi: An Indian Poet Whose Poem is Inscribed on the Walls Of UNO Halls

Bhima Bhoi was a saint, poet and philosopher from Odisha, India. He was a bhakta of Mahima Gosain and preached Mahima Dharma. Sant kabi Bhima Bhoi was born at Jatasinga near Subalaya, Subarnapur in...