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Author is a Researcher in Geo politics, current affairs, History and Law at Center for South Asian and Empirical Research.



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Will Prime Minister Modi and his Party overcome the westerly winds?

  In recent weeks, no other person on the planet has taken the blame than India’s Prime Minister Modi on the handling of COVID second wave that devastated millions of lives and thousands dying every...

OPINION: Decoding BJP from Five State Polls

Five State election results in the middle of second wave Pandemic have created ripple effect in political circles. The most interesting of all the results is Bengal. Never before, the Bengal election campaign from...

OPINION: Hypocrisy on COVID-19 Nomenclature

Soon after Joe Biden sworn in as President of United States, have issued an executive Presidential order to ban the usage of terms like Chinese Virus or Wuhan Virus although technically the virus originated...

OPINION: Should Indian Americans Trust Biden on Immigration?

Sometimes, history provides abundant information on assessing the current situation and as we are getting close to elections 2020 in next few weeks, it is important for Indian Americans to look back and think...

OPINION: History Proves Democratic Party is Anti India

Sometimes, History provides an in-depth view of the past and so the current decisions are mostly based on past inclinations and the Democratic party is no exception for this. Democratic party for the past...

OPINION: The Message is Clear, it’s Jobs & Economy !!

The Message from President Trump is clear from last night’s Republican National Convention (RNC) speech. His assertion on various aspects of the current day scenario was well articulated in much stronger terms. As we...

OPINION: Democratic Party and its dangerous game of Anti India Agenda – Part 1

Most of Indian Americans do not know the dark side of the Democratic party and its agenda towards India for the past three decades. It is rather a sad state of affairs and disappointing...

OPINION: Five Reasons, why Indian Americans should consider Switching to Republican Party

Indian Americans traditionally supported democratic party for decades. It is due to the fascination towards the young leaders and party’s stand towards the minorities in the US. However, things have changed since the past...