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Kumar Sridhar

A full time IT professional who also is a blogger, part time columnist and an avid sports fan! He lives with his family in New Jersey, USA.



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OPINION: FATF 2020 And India’s Role In Pakistan’s Fear Of Being Blacklisted

Back in 1989, at the G-7 meeting in Paris, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America decided that, in order to counter the serious international threat of...

OPINION: There’s 58 years between ‘62 and ‘20, buddy!!!

15 years after the British decided to leave India, our neighbors decided they wanted a piece of India. The country’s leadership was caught napping! The self-nominated Prime Minister didn’t expect China to move into...

OPINION: A Tigress Among Sheep! May You Live And Prosper, Kangana!

  When an individual is threatened, yes THREATENED, by an entire political machinery in a democracy like the USA or India, the law enforcement agencies (LEA) usually take the side of the individual. But, what...

OPINION: For A Change, Looking West

I have a small dog that, for some reason, has always wanted to attack and prove itself against big dogs. Unfortunately, it did try once and I had to rescue it from being mauled...

OPINION: Just Over One Year Later, The “Fire” Is Still Raging

While the country was celebrating the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, India quietly celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the abrogation of articles 370/35a. While this in itself was no big...