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Ravi Gumati

An Engineer by profession who likes to write about politics and culture.



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Modi Govt proactively stops China from Investing in cheap stocks of Indian companies

Markets across the world have gone down due to the effect of Corona Virus Pandemic and China is not stopping short of making use of this opportunity. China is buying shares at a much...

OPINION: Decoding Tajinder Bagga, a Nationalist Sardar and a True Common Man

When it comes to giving opportunities to the ground level party workers BJP has set a great benchmark. While all the political parties including the Aam Aadmi Party (who claimed to be different) always...

OPINION: The Economics of Underwear by Underwear Economists!

India has been immensely blessed to have produced great economists, two of whom have even received the coveted Nobel Prize. But there are far too many economists who have cropped up recently and every...

A small win for Modi, a huge victory for India

Looking at the title one might wonder how is this even remotely similar to an almost impossible and historical feat of moon-landing in 1969. Well, if one followed the political history of India, one...