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Dr. Sat Parashar

Dr. Sat Parashar, PhD, is former Director, IIM Indore; currently Financial Services Professional, MassMutual Arizona, and Adjunct Faculty (Money and Banking), Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego. He advises Individuals, Families and Businesses in the areas of Life Insurance, Retirement Income, Wealth Management and Real Estate Investments. His work experience spans over 45 years across Asia, Middle East and North America.



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On the day of Lohri, Don’t Forget to Remember the Protector of Persecuted Girls: Dulla Bhatti

In Punjab, the eve of Makkar Sangranti, Pongal ( TN, Kerela) and Magh Bihu (Assam), is celebrated as Lohri. Today, Google, Wiki and every other Media (mis) reminds you that Lohri is the harvest festival...

The Hindu Literature and Texts: Key to Holistic World View, World Peace & Prosperity

Many months ago, I was waiting to board a train from Orange Train Station in California. The announcer blared on the public address system, ‘the train is arriving momentarily’. The train actually arrived at...

OPINION: The Original Recycler

The world is thick with debate on sustainability. The key to sustainability is recycling, self- renewability. Solar and Wind energy are seen as viable and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Tesla looks the number...

OPINION: Jai Kisan, No Two Opinions; But Dirty Politics, No way!

Anyone associated with or interested in India around year 1965 would know that the then Prime Minister, Lal bahadur Shastri, had given a national slogan, ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. That meant  ‘ Hail Soldiers,...

OPINION: Farmers Protest in India: Please Know the Correct Person to Protest Against

Needless to say, the Indian Parliament is made up of democratically elected representatives called Members of Parliament (MP). The MPs are elected by, for and of the Indian masses. (if someone says, buy, far...

OPINION: We Were Not Poor; We Didn’t Have Money!

“We were not Poor; We didn’t have Money”. These are the words of an Indian American, having very humble beginnings in India but now a pretty rich businessman in USA. ‘Poverty is a curse’. That...