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Dr. Sat Parashar

Dr. Sat Parashar, PhD, is former Director, IIM Indore; currently Financial Services Professional, MassMutual Arizona, and Adjunct Faculty (Money and Banking), Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego. He advises Individuals, Families and Businesses in the areas of Life Insurance, Retirement Income, Wealth Management and Real Estate Investments. His work experience spans over 45 years across Asia, Middle East and North America.



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OPINION: Farmers Protest in India: Please Know the Correct Person to Protest Against

Needless to say, the Indian Parliament is made up of democratically elected representatives called Members of Parliament (MP). The MPs are elected by, for and of the Indian masses. (if someone says, buy, far...

OPINION: We Were Not Poor; We Didn’t Have Money!

“We were not Poor; We didn’t have Money”. These are the words of an Indian American, having very humble beginnings in India but now a pretty rich businessman in USA. ‘Poverty is a curse’. That...

BOOK REVIEW: The Wealth Builder – by Dr Sat Parashar

Free Press: Thank you Dr Parashar for sitting down with Free Press to discuss your book. Please accept our Congratulation on publishing such a wonderful book, ‘The Wealth Builder’. We understand it has received...

OPINION: What Would You Like To Buy In 2020? Political Promises Or Performance

Americans are going to 2020 Presidential Election on Nov 3, 2020. It is considered a historical election. Truly so. It is a choice between the political promises of a career politician who has been...

OPINION: Do I Need A Cash Forecast?

Cash forecast is a future state of cash flow of an individual, family or business. It is drawn based on certain assumptions about likely cash receipts and payments. It lists up sources and uses...

OPINION: Can God’s Voice be Recorded?

Sound engineering has marvelously changed since the acoustic age to the present digital age. Sensors are helping our life at every step. Thanks to incredible technologies and gadgets emerging every day. Humans have been blessed...

‘Ayudha Puja’ – Worshiping Weapons

  This year the Ayudha Puja Day a.k.a. Shastr Puja Day will be on October 25, 2020. Since when is it celebrated? It is generally agreed that it has been celebrated from ancient times. References can be...