TITLE: Journey From Guwahati to Machhiwara

AUTHOR: Rajiv Bakshi

REVIEWER: Prof. Bibha Tripathi, Faculty of Law, BHU


Rajiv Bakshi who appeared on my twitter account when Dr S Y Quraishi (the ex chief election commissioner) retweeted my tweet and it reached to him as he is followed by Quraishi. It was then he described about his Book and requested me to not only read but also write a review.

Journey From Guwahati to Machhiwara is a collection of small short stories quoted as a journey undertaken by the Author Rajiv Bakshi. This book itself has widely traveled and has been duly recognized by the readers of different countries, color and creed. Rajiv Bakshi seems to be a banker by chance but an author by choice. He is blessed with the art of articulation and expressing thoughts in a lucid manner.

Through this book, he not only shares his experiences about different postings and persons but deliberately takes the names of those Kith and kin who meant to him.
His stories are accepted as the things that happen with all of us in our day to day lives, be it a story of an encounter with wasps or the samjhauta or FaceBook friends. Its everyone’s mundane experiences on perpetual making and breaking resolutions.

The book is the author’s memoir, his reminiscences of workplaces and colleagues, his acknowledgments. He writes perhaps a public statement at the end of some stories which seem like the moral of the story. I enjoyed reading and I will read it a few more times too. It’s a concise pocketbook that I recommend to carry especially while traveling or while on those long train journeys. The book will also keep you amused while on the bus/train when traveling to work.

I would also suggest the author for the next edition in which he can share his Post-retirement experiences and also his engagements on social media. His ‘full of life’ nature, passion, enthusiasm and zeal for life is really inspiring and reflects very well in the book.
May he keep enjoying writing and tasting dishes he tempts for.

Here are the links to buy the book:

India Amazon

USA Amazon

[NOTE: The Indian Free Press is not affiliated with the Author/Publisher or Amazon and won’t receive any commission/remuneration on the purchase of books. The links are provided only for the convenience of the readers in case they are interested.]
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Rajiv Bakshi
Rajiv Bakshi
3 years ago

Thanks 😊 a lot for reviewing my book . And putting in your blog