The Wealth Builder

Free Press: Thank you Dr Parashar for sitting down with Free Press to discuss your book. Please accept our Congratulation on publishing such a wonderful book, ‘The Wealth Builder’. We understand it has received roving reviews.

Dr Parashar: Thank you very much for having me here.

Free Press: Why this book, at this time?

Dr Parashar: Indeed, the theme of this book has been so dear to me. I have been teaching, training, researching, publishing, consulting in finance including corporate finance and personal and family finance. The Wealth Builder is the outcome of my 50 years’ professional experience.

About the timing, it is certainly a difficult time due to COVID-19. Indeed, we all are realizing that how valid is the advice of finance professionals that we must try to have an emergency fund equivalent to 3- 6 months’ average monthly expenses.

This is the week of festivals for Hindus around the globe. Deepavali (Festival of Lights as it has come to be known in the West) and Laxmi Pujan (worship of the goddess of Wealth) will happen on 14th.  We seek the blessings of Goddess to have wealth. The Wealth Builder explains how you CAN. The Wealth Builder highlights that wealth building is not a matter of sheer luck or chance. It is a matter of certain methods and approach in life. We have lots of  ‘Rags to Riches’ Stories and equal in number are ‘Riches to Rags’. Why this reverse?

Free Press: So, What exactly is this book about?

Dr Parashar: This is about a message for all of us, young college going, young householders, parents and grandparents that wealth building is not a ‘hit or miss’. It is finding a method in madness. Stocks, real estate, business, college education or any other investment must have a single touch stone:

  • No investment unless return is higher than cost of funds.
  • No investment, normally, unless you have surplus over emergency fund.
  • Your emergency fund should be normally 3- 6 months average monthly expenses.
  • When investing, do consider not only ROI (Return on Investment) but also Return of Investment (another ROI).
  • Your mortgage payments should not be normally more than 36% of your take home salary/ Income.
  • Each one of us must draw a monthly cash forecast and cash budget. Even the US Treasury does that.
  • We must normally aim to save minimum 15% of our take home salary/ income.
  • To make money out of any business, must focus on three things, namely
  • Cash Margin (EBITDA- Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Asset Turnover
  • Equity Multiplier.
  • The book for all this and more.
  • This book is aimed to provide ‘value for money’ and ‘value for time’ of the reader.

Free Press: We understand it has received great reviews.

Dr Parashar: Correct. The book has received excellent reviews. Some are as follows:

Richard Sanborn

President and Chief Executive Officer,

Seacoast Commerce Bank (USA)

“The Wealth Builder is a must-read for anyone who is concerned with understanding the principles of wealth creation and wealth preservation.  The easy-to-read format is excellent for any age and turns complex financial theories into understandable, practical, and actionable items.”

Mirian Toro

Comprehensive Wealth Advisor (USA)

First of all, I will like to congratulate Dr. Parashar for devising such a great book that will change lives financially for many people in all walks of life especially business owners. As a Comprehensive Wealth Advisor for years, I know how important it is to have financial knowledge and stay ahead of any challenges that are upon us and will continue to concern us. So many focus on becoming a great Doctor, Dentist, employee or business owner yet don’t understand how money works. It is important to have money not control us yet us have more control of where it is being directed. It is important to hire a professional to look at our situation and review any adjustments that need to be made in order to maximize and grow our wealth. Protection, preservation, reducing taxation and having a diversified plan will help so many reduce stress for themselves and their loved ones. I am immensely impressed with the information provided in this book because it is clear, concise and has so much value. I will definitely recommend everyone to read this book for financial success. I am happy that you are changing lives for people financially!

Dr Anand Govindaluri
Chairman, Govin Holdings Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

“Serial Entrepreneur”

The Wealth Builder is a perfect book for any business entrepreneur who has basic knowledge of finance and is keen to not only generate but maximize one’s wealth. Prof Sat Parashar has illustrated deep principles of finance in a simplified manner with case studies that help to upskill one’s knowledge with ease. At the end, there is also a very practical and personal message on building wealth for personal financial freedom.

Jasmine Tsui

CPA, Master of Finance

Financial Analyst (USA)

Building wealth is very important to everyone, regardless of business or household, finance professionals or non-finance individuals.  But how?  A sans-emotions, comprehensive analysis is the key. To be able to analyze investment value, our risks, and investments’ return could bring us a different point of view to our investments.  In this book, Dr Parashar guides us through the financial analysis step by step and leads us on a path to financial success.  I enjoyed the case studies, which give us real-life examples and strengthen our understanding of business health.  Anyone without basic finance knowledge could easily follow the paces and learn the analysis technique.  For more seasoned veterans, the book offers a nice refresher of business and personal finance.  This is a recommended read for anyone looking to increase their wealth.

Myles Ross


Accountant & Business Advisor (USA)

Professor Parashar has dedicated his life to educating future financial, and business leaders, and providing sound financial planning for his clients. His new book makes financial literacy and financial planning accessible, and achievable for anyone who desires to improve their financial wellbeing.”

Free Press: Thank you, Dr Parashar. We know the book is now available on Amazon, Kindle store; and it has been enrolled in KDP Select. You can purchase a copy here.

Dr Parashar: Thank you for your time and this opportunity

I wish all readers enjoyable and beneficial reading. Would love to have their feedback. Thank you once again!


Dr Sat Parashar, PhD is former Director, IIM Indore. He teaches at University of California, San Diego, and is a Financial Services Professional. He may be reached at


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