How does one become a Father to a civilization that has existed for 5000 years?

On October 2, 1869 in the state of Gujarat and city of Porbandar, a man was born. The parents called him Mohandas K Gandhi. In the next 78 years, he would preach non-violence and patience with invaders. The country, at the time, was battling the British and caught on to his philosophy. If one slaps you on one cheek, offer the other he said. People followed his principles. In hindsight, this could be a mistake people committed. Gujarat had made its first blunder but would they get another chance to set the scores right? M K Gandhi had, in the meanwhile, collected a group of people who believed in his ideology and would follow him to the end of time! They named themselves The Indian National Congress. This party still exists. When he died, this party bestowed upon him the title of Father Of The Nation. Score INC 1- India 0

Six years later, the same state saw the birth of Vallabhbhai Patel who would believe in some of Gandhi’s principles but not all of them. He didn’t think an aggressor should be shown the other cheek. Score INC 1-india 1

On September 17, 1950 a third man was born. This time he was born in Vadnagar, a town in the same state of Gujarat. The parents called him Narendra Modi. He was the anti-thesis to Gandhi in that Narendra believed if one gets slapped on one cheek, slap the aggressor on both cheeks!!! Incorruptible, dedicated to the country, as a whole and humility personified are some of the adjectives that come to mind. Score India 2-INC 1

Those that had adhered to Gandhi’s philosophy were taken aback by this disrespectful approach! They were vehemently opposed to being the aggressor as they claimed this was against the principles of The Father of The Nation M.K.Gandhi!! The principle of non-violence was being violated, these people claimed. Most of those that oppose Narendra Modi are, unfortunately, Hindus. I can understand other communities feeling threatened by him but Hindus???? Other communities are misled to believe that, somehow, Narendra Modi will turn this country into hell, for them!! Untrue but this is being told! Those that fall a prey to this statement will be afraid and, unless they’re educated on how this is not even true, will continue to be apprehensive. The positive thing is that most of the other communities have begun to see through this lie!

Let me ask these self-righteous people, who feel NaMo is disrespecting M K Gandhi’s philosophy, if they revere Sri Krishna, the “Makhan Chor”? If they do, they should read what he says to his disciple Arjuna in the Bhagavad Geetha. Lord Krishna says “The battle fought between righteousness and Adharma is one which every warrior should fight. Not waging war is another way of agreeing with the aggressor! Yes, I agree with you that I am at fault so please punish me!! ”MK Gandhi turned the Indian people into a bunch of masochists!!!

I read MK Gandhi’s books and nowhere did I find any mention off communal appeasement nor secularism! He did say that, in order to thrive, all communities need to live harmoniously. Nothing new there! We already knew that!! But, living in harmony doesn’t equate to appeasement. However, that was what was done to the people!

To digress, for just a little, have you seen how one community is asked to be secular while the other communities don’t even breath secularism? I challenge readers to show me JUST one case where other communities have been seen as secular!!!!

To go back to appeasement, just to refresh your memory, the reservation policy was introduced to bring all communities and sects on par, economically. It was supposed to be ONLY for a few years. It has now been in play for over 60 years. Instead of fighting to get OUT of it, people are now fighting to get INTO it!!! Does this display the lazy mentality of a population that doesn’t want to educate itself but depends on government policies? YES!!

Can one pin all the malaise on Gandhi? No. He was just responsible for delayed independence. However, his followers have created a situation, using his name frequently, that now a majority of the country rues his very birth.

What an insult to the person THEY call the Father Of The Nation!!

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