On Friday, 6th of September 2019, India created history! Yes, the communication was lost but that doesn’t mean the Chandrayaan mission failed! Communications engineers are skilled enough where they can fix the issues remotely. My late father, a chief scientist at NASA, would have been proud of this mission. He would also remind all of us of the number of times communications were lost only to be restored over the next few weeks! “All is not lost, Kumar!” he’d have said! Yes dad, you’re right, as always!!

What surprises me is the reaction of some very small-minded politicians like Didi who seem to revel in this “failure”. Is this an appropriate time to try gain some political mileage? As a nation, the common person stands with ISRO while these politicians seem to be more concerned about their aspirations than anything else! To these people, all I can say is “you’re disgusting! I hope your clan ends with you!”

I remember a few years ago when India launched a record 104 satellites, these very same people wanted to credit ISRO and were falling over each other to do so! She had then said, this was ISRO’s success and not the government’s! If that’s the case, “Didi”, how is this a failure of the government! আপনারকিকোনওমস্তিষ্কআছেবাআপনারমস্তিস্কেবসেআছেন?(translates to “do you have brains or are you sitting on it”). To this obvious political statement on Didi’s part, one can add the INC giving credit to Nehru and Manmohan Singh! Are we crediting these two for the “failure”? If so, let’s spell it out, fake Gandhi clan touts! SoGa and RaGa did, however, congratulate the scientists for their attempt! Talk about mixed messages from the opposition!

When The Apollo disaster happened, the US Congress, as one, stood by the astronauts who were lost! There was not one person who thought about gaining political mileage nor that this was a failure on the government’s part! We want to compete with the US in every aspect of our lives and yet, this is not one of them! Small-minded people!

Pakistan mocking India is laughable, given we have the Rover on the moon! Yeah! Please, before you start commenting on Indian engineers and scientists, get your house in order! An economy that’s going south doesn’t bode well for all of you, that are mocking India! No need to remind you of how many scientists, engineers from India have gone on to earn applause from around the world! Nor do I need to remind you of how many Indians are CEO’s of global organizations!

To the scientists at ISRO, you’re the people that keep India moving forward and make us proud of you! Whenever you do send the next rocket into space, you would definitely have learned from this experience and will ensure that all the effort you put in, is fruitful! Thank you for keeping India ahead of many other countries, in every aspect of life in India!

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