Adhaar Voter ID
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The Voter ID and Aadhaar card serve as crucial identification documents for Indian citizens. Connecting the Aadhaar number with an individual’s voter ID card proves to be a valuable method for eliminating counterfeit or multiple voter ID cards registered under a single individual’s name. Multiple methods exist for the linkage of the Aadhaar Card with the voter ID.

How to Link Voter ID With Aadhaar Online?

The linking of Aadhaar with voter ID is a very easy process and can be done on Voters’ Service Portal

Step 1: Visit the Voters’ Service Portal and click on ‘Forms’ option.

Step 2: If you are registered, enter your mobile number, password and captcha code and click ‘Login’.

Step 3: If you are not registered, click on ‘Login’ option and click on ‘Don’t have account, Register as a new user’ option. Enter your mobile number, captcha code and click on ‘Send OTP’. Enter the required details, such as OTP, your EPIC number, password and click on ‘Register’ button.

Step 4: After registering and logging in by entering your mobile number and password navigate to the “Forms” section and Click on ‘Form 6B’. Select the state and your Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency.

Step 5: Enter your personal details, enter OTP, Aadhaar number and click on the ‘Preview’ button.

Step 6: Click on ‘Submit’. A reference number will be given to track your application.

VoterID to Adhaar Linking

How to Link Voter ID With Aadhaar Through SMS?

To link your Aadhaar number with your Voter ID, send an SMS to 166 OR 51969 in the following format:

ECILINK<SPACE><EPIC Number>< SPACE><Aadhaar Number>


How to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar via Phone Call?

Call 1950 during weekdays between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and provide your Voter ID and Aadhaar card information for the purpose of linking.


How to Link an Aadhaar Card to Voter ID via the Voter Helpline App?

You can link the Aadhaar card to your Voter ID by downloading the Voter Helpline App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Follow the below steps to link Aadhaar with your Voter ID on the Voter Helpline App:

Step 1: Download the Voter Helpline App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: After setting it up, select the ‘Voter Registration’ option.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Electoral Authentication Form (Form 6B)’ and select ‘Lets Start’.

Step 4: Enter the official mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card and Enter the OTP sent to the registered number and click on ‘Verify’.

Step 5: Next, select ‘Yes I Have Voter ID’, click on ‘Next’. Enter your Voter ID number (EPIC) and the required details.

Step 6: Click on ‘Proceed’, enter the Aadhaar number, place of authentication, registered mobile number and click on ‘Done’ button.

Step 7: Check the details and click on ‘Confirm’ for the submission of your Form 6B. You will receive the reference number to track the status of your application.

For FAQs please visit the Voters’ Service Portal FAQs section.


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