Nutri Garden

The backyard is the courtyard and the vegetable garden that blooms in this courtyard is the Nutri Garden. This garden is an important place, as it is the only source of vegetables that not only nourishes your diet, but also enhances the taste.

The following things should be considered while planting a garden:

The place where the sewage comes from should be at the top and the vegetable steam should be a little lower so that the sewage can flow easily as it is sloping towards the steam.

vegetable garden

The soil should be compacted at the place chosen for the garden. So, it fits tight. A panhali should be dug in that solid soil so that water can flow. Do not allow dirt to get stuck in the panhali, so that the water continues to flow up to the vegetable vapor.

Organic fertilizer for Nutri Garden:

Organic fertilizers should be used as much as possible for the garden, which will not reduce the nutritional value of the vegetables.

Organic manure is an easily available and easy to prepare fertilizer. Organic manure can be made in old house or in a broken tank.

According to the season, which vegetables to plant in the garden :

For 7 days, you can grow 7 different vegetables.

Monsoon: June to September – Fenugreek, Spinach, Chuka, Dodka, Curry, Radish, Pumpkin, Carrot.

Winter: October to February – Guar, Okra, Chilli, Tomato, Eggplant, Wal, Pumpkin, Chawli, Pea, Cauliflower.

Summer: March to May – Eggplant, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Dodka etc.

Some exotic vegetables are also used to diversify your diet e.g. Zucchini, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, pear tomatoes, golden tomatoes, Chinese cabbage etc.

Importance of Nutri Garden :

1. You will get your favorite and fresh vegetables every day. It will bring mental happiness.

2. Health will remain good as Fresh vegetables provide the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals and help to reduce malnutrition.

3. The exchange of vegetables in the garden will improve the relationship.

4. It will save money.

The sale of leftover vegetables to meet the need for money will increase the financial income.

5. The garden program can be done well by women in groups, at Anganwadis, schools.

6. Collective small scale industries can also be started from the income of the backyard garden done by the group.


Dr. Swapnil B. Mantri

Pediatrician and Nutritionist

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