When we think of the US of A, we think of a country that cherishes its freedom and liberty, and yet, there are those that would think of this wonderful country as a white country. Lest they forget, this country was built on the backs of slaves and the blood of native Americans. What has evolved, since then, is an increased awareness of the greatness of its people, whether Caucasian or not, and the country celebrates its diversity! Yes, we do have pockets that still want a single race to dominate, but they’re few and far between! But it is primarily a Christian state. Nothing wrong with that! The majority of its population is Christian and so it’s a Christian state.

India is going through an awakening of sorts! The erstwhile dormant Hindu is awakening from a VERY VERY deep slumber! Not all Hindus but a few! When independence came back in 1947, Nehru and his band of merry politicians attempted to castrate the Hindus as a whole! One one side, a country was created for M A Jinnah who wanted an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, while India was told we would be secular! If not for the evil RSS, we probably would all be a part of another religion! The true awareness of its diversity has perforated the balloon, the Indian National Congress and other left-leaning parties, had given the people of India to hold on to! The crash was never going to be an easy one; it was not supposed to be pretty and it lived up to expectations!

People on the left-leaning side are still trying to hide the carcasses of the many many Hindus who have had their lives taken by the violence that resulted in the various skirmishes that occur nearly every week; the communists, the Congress, the TMCs and others who claim that India owes its minorities and should thus give them first priority should definitely see themselves as instigators of these skirmishes! Into this lot, throw the likes of Assaduddin Owaissi, with his statement about India NEVER going to be a HINDU country, and you have a very confused left-leaning population! On the one hand, you have Hindus who are surging forward to be recognized AS Hindus and on the other, you have Muslims claiming this will never happen! Nowhere was anything said about Hindutva Nation! The RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said this was a Hindu nation and he was right! The majority of the people are Hindus! For the MP from Hyderabad to claim otherwise is nothing short of ridiculous!

When a populace is awakening to its own importance, be it the Hindu, the Muslim, Sikh or Christian, the need of the hour is to feel the importance of this awakening rather than feel threatened! Hindus have never felt the minorities are a threat to us. We do feel that we deserve the same rights and respect that was given to the other communities by the likes of the “phoren-educated” Sonia Gandhi, the ill-educated MMS, the uneducated RaGa and others. We do want our women and children to be treated as human beings and not be under the “conversion” radar! We do want to sleep at night knowing our families will not be raped and murdered! Is this unjust on our part? Are we expected to keep quiet? The law enforcement in many a state across the country seems to think so! Kamlesh Tiwari, for all his faults, reacted to the RSS being called names! What has happened to him, his murder and decapitation tells us we still live the medieval ages, if not earlier. If religion is sacrosanct and forbidden to touch, why does this not apply to the Hindu whose religion is defiled every day, even by the courts that are supposed to protect us? I have asked this question many a time and am yet to get an answer.

When does one say Enough is Enough? How does one overhaul a judiciary that has its allegiance to politicians rather than the people of the country? How does a judiciary decide the fate of a breathless majority without feeling any pressure from the politicians who gave them this exalted position? Is the Hindu finally going to get the right to celebrate Diwali the way most of his ancestors did? We will know, very soon, what the answers are!

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