Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacted with the young professionals in a town hall program at the New India Youth Conclave in Surat. The PM received a rousing welcome at the New India Youth Conclave.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the nation is changing and it has been possible because people have decided to change for a better India. Addressing the National Youth Conclave in Surat today, PM said the earlier attitude was that nothing will happen or nothing will change.

However, the mindset has been changed and it is visible now. He said “at one point of time there was a mindset among people that nothing can change. We came and first of all changed that mindset–now everything can change. India is changing because Indians have decided to change”.

Talking about India’s strength, PM said ,“Terrorists attacked Mumbai, what happened after it? In our government, Uri happened, what happened after it? This is the change. The fire that was in the hearts of our jawans, it was in the heart of the PM too, Surgical Strike was the result. Uri terror attack didn’t let me sleep, and what happened after that everyone knows. This is the change”.

PM said his Government’s drive against black money was a bold and decisive step. Three lakh companies were shut down after demonetisation and nobody thought black money could be curbed, said the PM.

He added, “The public sentiment among the Indians has changed and this will change the country too, I have faith in it. Earlier, people felt that everything will be done by the people but we changed it. The country is bigger than any of us.”

On a day-long visit to Gujarat, PM today laid the foundation stone for extension of Terminal Building of Surat Airport and inaugurated various developmental projects at Surat. While laying the foundation stone, Modi mentioned how Udan scheme has been adding more and more airports to the aviation map of the country and stressed on his vision of seeing the poor people travelling by air.

An incident happened when Modi stopped in the middle of his speech as he observed that one of the camera person had fainted. He instructed his security personnel to reach out and help the cameraperson. He resumed his speech only after the person got assistance.

PM Modi also dedicated state of the art Rasilaben Sevantilal Venus Hospital, Surat and National Salt Satyagraha Memorial in Dandi, to the nation.


His speech at the conclave can be watched here:


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