A few decades ago, when I first understood the political arena in the US of A, I realized the gross neglect the people “of color” were receiving at the hands of the majority. The only people, it seemed, who cared were the democrats! After all, there were more African Americans in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party! In addition, I observed that every time a Republican came to be President, the US economy was in a shambles. I realized that my identity was a party that would work for all people and bring about economic growth and parity! I realized my identity was Democrat!

Over the years, I didn’t have to try very hard to identify with the Democratic Party. It was easy. We had people like President Clinton and Obama who were easily likable people. Yes, they had their faults but which one of us doesn’t! I observed economic growth that was making the US prosperous while also making the world a part of this growth. Indian economy grew considerably. My identity was Democrat! Damn right!!!

Moving into the post-Obama era, it was anti-minority rhetoric that made people like me wince. After all, I was a part of this minority and when some privileged people called me or my Indian brothers “towelheads”, it made my blood boil! This President was going to hurt the very fabric of the country! Or so I thought! Yes, the man has more faults than one can count! His mouth doesn’t seem to be monitored by a brain! He has made some extremely denigrating comments about women and the physically challenged people! What’s to like about such a person? In addition, having a despicable person like Mitch McConnell as the face of the Republican senators!! Easy choice! My identity was Democrat!!

Welcome to the Democratic primary, version 2019! The main purpose of this primary will be to decide which one of these candidates is lucid and sane enough to be considered the next potential President of this great country of ours. In the group we have extreme left such as Ilhan Omar, known more for her colorful anti-India comments than about anything constructive; we also have AOC known for her eyes and we then have a bunch of others who don’t really know why they’re there but hey!! The entire circus, that’s the Democratic primary, is falling over each other to make sure Indian people DO NOT vote for them!! They are more concerned about the effect the abrogation of 370 and 35a has on Pakistan! Explaining to these “intellectually challenged” that J&K is not a part of Pakistan is next to impossible! We then have one candidate who, if she were to win the primary, would my candidate of choice: Tulsi Gabbard. More pro India than most senators, it’s easy to like her! My identity is still Democrat but not by much!!

On the other side, we have Donald J Trump! Boisterous, loud, easily the most divisive person and yet, probably the one person most Indians like. Let me explain why: the Indian diaspora is probably the most divided in terms of local politics! I’m talking about those that are eligible to vote here in the USA! And yet, the one thing that binds us together is our love for India! No, we are not all thinking of moving back to India but yes, we still love our country of birth! To his credit, Trump has been pro India since he became a candidate back in 2015! This immediately tilts the Indian balance in his favor! Yes, we have a few that still don’t like him but that’s few and far between!! I was one of those few till a few months ago! Seeing the array of craziness that is now the Democratic Party, I’m beginning to wonder what my identity is?

Am I Republican??

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