First of all, Momta Didi, congratulations! Your party won the elections in West Bengal. So what if you personally lost? The bigger picture should be the party! So what if Bangladeshis and illegal Rohingyas helped your party win? These Hindu whiners!! Oh, my mother/wife/sister/Father/Husband/Brother was murdered/raped by the TMC goons!! Really, stop whining and start understanding the landscscape.  The new landscape, that is, although it hasn’t really changed from the old landscape, so scratch that! The atrocities on the Hindus is just a result of overexuberant and overjoyful supporters from the TMC. Sorry, that should be AITMC.  Your popularity around India is now at a point where people would DO ANYTHING for you.  Case in point, the former President of the Congress, even though his party has been wiped out, was extremely happy for you. The poor guy has little, if not nothing,  to be happy for nowadays, so let’s allow him that enjoyment! Everyone has a right to be happy!

Allegations of poll booth maiming are nothing new, even in your state.  Incidents are being blown out of proportion. Some “enthusiastic supporters” asking people to vote for your party shouldn’t be construed as maiming! So what if they had knives in their hands?  After all, what would a butcher have in his hands? A laptop? Ridiculous!  People entering some Hindus house is easily explained.  They mistook someone else’s house as their own! Come on people! Haven’t you made such a mistake in your lives?  No? Well, Momta didi’s supporters did! To think everyone is going to have the same intelligence as you is ridiculous!! Didi, I will not question your (lack of) intelligence in not calling the police nor the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).  You didn’t expect the Hindus to react this way! What have they learned from MK Gandhi who famously said, “Hindus should prepare to die at the hands of Muslims”.  Why are they crying, when the (questionable) “Father Of The Nation” himself told Hindus to die.  To then retaliate and try to cause mayhem in the Muslim camp?

The Hindus haven’t heard a word, or understood, what this “Mahatma” said!

Momta, what do these people mean, “Bengal is on fire”? This is normal for Bengal, with you entrenched firmly in the seat of Chief Minister! This is written in all the holy books, right after the first paragraph; it clearly says “people will die if Momta is not (re)elected”. Death is a natural phenomenon, don’t these people understand! Whether you are the CM or not, people will die.  All your supporters did, was to enable Hindus to reach heaven soon, rather than later.  Didn’t Abhimanyu die at a tender age?  Rapes? Sorry, Didi, you’re on your own on this one! I can’t explain this one, except think that maybe the “enthusiastic supporters” thought the women were from their harem.  Easy, and understandable, mistake when each of your supporters has 40 wives and 400 children!

Didi, a question about your education: you did your Masters in Islamic History.  Did you stop reading the book before Aurangzeb? Just wondering, for no particular reason.  Anyways, getting back to more important stuff like AITMC (emphasis on All India). Where do you expect to win next? My pick is Andhra/Telangana/Karnataka.  Yep, the Muslim population there is waiting for someone, like you, to come and ask them to “convince” people to vote for you! The ability to “convince”, using any means, is the only requirement.  Kerala is already in extremely “capable” hands with P Vijayan, a photocopy of you. I’m sure you have had some very “interesting and enjoyable” meetings with him on how to subjugate the hapless Hindu.  He’s not been a very good student of yours, with Hindus still breathing in his state.  You may need to meet with him more often and pass on some of your immense “gyan”.

Your nephew is a good listener, as evidenced in his speeches.  He has been doing an outstanding job with the All India Trinamool Youth Congress and Trinamool Chattra Parishad. Unfortunately, not too many of the “Chattra” are Muslims, for very obvious reasons! However, the good news is that they are actively involved as “Trainers in Methods of Convincing”.  However, he (your nephew) is a good learner and will quickly be another copy of you.  I’m sure West Bengal is in (and will be, with your nephew) very capable hands. With his experience, as a member of the Standing Committee on External Affairs (I am sure he thought it was “Exterminating”), he will have various opportunities to visit other countries, like our western neighbors, on methods of exterminating Hindus.

In closing, all I can say is Good Job! You’ve made all your party-cadre, and supporters, very proud of you.  None of them is as capable of “convincing” people as you are. Joy Bongla (not to be mistaken for what Sheikh Mujibur Rehman had said, in Bangladesh, although most people in your “peaceful” state are from the neighboring country to your East).

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