Amit Shah
New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah addresses at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Delhi Cycle Walk in New Delhi on Jan 6, 2020. (Photo: IANS/PIB)

Location: A camp in the outskirts of Jammu city about 5000-12000 (approximately 50-100 families) Rohingyas live there.

Think about these Rohingyas, Motabhai. As an example, one of these 100 families, comprising a husband, 10 wives, 56 children and 40 grandchildren, stay peacefully in the area surrounding Jammu city. What is their crime? All they did was throw a few stones at buses and defense personnel. One of those stones hit a soldier in the eye and he lost that eye, so what? He still has another eye!! The children are still children, even though one of those is 24 years old and has his own children! He is just “a misguided youth”(thanks Barkha Dutt). Think about the positives, Motabhai. They cleaned one road which had stones littering it! Granted, they littered another street but you can’t be that nitpicky (Thanks, Rajdeep). Okay, so there are 11,000 to 12,000 such people but in terms of families, that’s about 100! You can’t support 100 families??? You have to look at the positives!!


India has really become intolerant with this sort of discrimination against minorities! Why, because they’re illegal? Because they can’t afford food and depend on the government to give them these “basic necessities” (thanks, Farooq Abdullah)? Because that ONE family started a madrasa, specifically for its own children(they’re poor and can’t take anyone else’s children)! Pakistan is right! Muslims are being grossly mistreated by this RSS government (don’t tell me about minorities being ill-treated in Pakistan, that’s not our problem. They chose to stay there and deserve the treatment being meted out to them). You have to look at the positives, Motabhai! Umm, come to think of it. there are no positives in this paragraph! Moving on..


The only mistake, the Rohingyas made, was coming to India to look for jobs! Granted, they didn’t get any sort of “formal” education, but who defines formal and informal education? As long as they can decipher right from wrong, truth from lies, they should be allowed to stay. How is it that you can’t give these people citizenship like you are giving to “the minorities” from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan? This reeks of discrimination! The worst part is, you’re government claimed, in 2019, “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”! Where is the Sabka Sath? Rohingyas and Bangladeshis are missing in this apparently! With this move of deporting these people, you’ve lost their Vishwas as there is no Vikas for those people! You became a tyrant immediately after the elections and went ahead with occupying Kashmir, which should have belonged to Pakistan!! It is our fortune that Pakistan has been magnanimous enough to not send its’ troops in and take over Kashmir! After all, they are, as they claim, an “Atami Takat” !! Don’t even think about asking me, and my likes, how this “Atami Takat” has helped them! They’ve garnered so much respect from the global community with so many countries falling over themselves to befriend them, while India is globally isolated. Woe upon you!!!


To claim that your government is better than the Congress governments is ridiculous! They were nice enough to look the other way and let these people in to give them refuge from the tyrannical Buddhist monks in Myanmar!! Don’t you understand? Yeah, I know, I know, the monks did that as these people were slaughtering the local population!! That’s because they are all “misguided”!! You need to be patient with them, Motabhai!! You should create a reservation policy just for them so they can get educated at the best universities, (preferably engineering and medical colleges). Incidents like what happened with Osama (an engineer), or the doctor from Sri Lanka who made sure to inject the non Muslim population with an infertility drug, are rare! In fact, these people were also misguided and, if timely intervention had been given, these two could have been Nobel prize winners! In what area doesn’t matter but, they definitely were capable of contributing to societal needs, and they did! You had an overpopulated world and they recognized the problem, and in their own way, resolved the problem. You have to think positively, Motabhai!


The whole country is now wondering why they voted for Modi and you all, Motabhai! Rahul and Antonia are gaining momentum with their honest, clean-cut images, while you and NaMo are taking a pounding! How it is not visible to you is beyond my comprehension (Thanks, Ravish Kumar). One wonders what the country would be like, had the INK, oops sorry, INC been in power. They would have the country heading in the right direction; one where the government would ensure that muslims wouldn’t feel so threatened by every move the government makes. After all, the government is there to protect the muslim population; the hindus are there to ensure the taxes have been paid for the government to be able to fund the various programs. Think positively, Motabhai!!


Shah Sir, I’m a well-wisher of yours and want your government to succeed. Please revoke the revocation of 370/35a and make sure you have amiable ties with our western neighbor. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing (thanks, Rana Ayub). If they live in poverty while you flourish, it wouldn’t look good for us. It’s better you stop the development of this country and ensure you don’t offend the kind neighbors to the West. After all, they are an Atami Takath.


Rajdeep Sardesai/Burkha Dutt/Farooq Abdullah/Rana Ayub/Ravish Kumar, thank you all for enlightening me! All y’all are probably the most neutral tv anchors with no hidden agendas and oh yeah before I forget, pigs do fly!!!

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Jagannath Sharma
Jagannath Sharma
3 years ago

From what I have read, the Rohingyas were settled in Jammu by the Abdullahs, Muftis&,Congress to change the demography there. It is a mystery how they were transported there from Bangladesh.They rightfully belong to Myanmar & must be deported to that country. These J&K Dynasts& the ones of Congress are essentially communal. Even then they did not give citizenship to the Gujjar-Bakarwal tribes of the J&K who are 100% Muslim. They denied citizenship to even original Kashmiris from Pak-occupied Kashmir, who have lived in our side of the State as non-citizens. So Motabhai is doing justice to such people&also to… Read more »