The Chinese incursions, that have happened repeatedly over the past 72 years, have left India with a loss of over 40,000 sq kms of land. Of this, we lost over 40,000 sq kms of land in just one war, that of 1962! So, yeah, we have lost over 90% of that land in just one sitting. Over the next 58 years, we have lost precious time but not really that much in land! The latest incursion by the Chinese army has actually gained India some of the lost land, but that’s lost on the Indian National Congress (INC), who wants to blame the current government for some imagined losses. So, here’s an attempt, futile as it may seem, to light a fire under the collective behinds of the Indian National Congress.

Hopefully, the fire will actually bring the INC to life and make them realize the stupidity of their statements, like “15 minutes and we’ll rid Kashmir, Aksai Chin to be specific, of the Chinese”!!! Really? 15 Minutes is all it takes? And yet, let’s recount the many incursions that have happened in the past 72 years, during a majority of which the Congress ruled over the country, where they did diddly squat to regain JUST 1 SQ KM of lost land? Leave Aksai Chin alone, just 1 sq km of land is all I’m asking for! We haven’t!! So, when we talk about 15 minutes, the logic is that the Crown (Clown) Prince (CP) has intelligence that his Father, Grand Mother and Great Grand Father could definitely have used! In case you’re wondering what I am talking about, let’s revisit history to get facts right!


October 20 – November 21, 1962: Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru. Premier of China, Zhou Enlai. War broke out between India and China as China invaded Indian territory. By the time the war came to an end, India had given up 44,000 sq km of it’s territory to China. The government, at the time, was run by the Indian National Congress. Famous statement by Nehru at the time was “the land around Aksai Chin was so infertile that not a blade of grass could be grown there.” Would the CP explain the logic behind what was said? In all probabilities, he would blubber around getting nowhere; worse, he might blame present day India for wanting Aksai Chin back!!


September 11 – October 1, 1967: Prime Minister of India – Indira Gandhi, Premier of China Zhou Enlai. Another set of skirmishes, this time the Eastern parts of India. While India did win a decisive war, the land lost remained at 44,000 sq km. You must be wondering how India won a war if the land was not recovered. Good point! You see, India won the “mini-war” because they held the Chinese at bay, not giving up any more land. The land India had given up remained the same 44,000 sq km. That, my friend, is considered a decisive victory.


Since then, there have been multiple incursions from the Chinese which the Indian forces have resisted. The problem has always been a weak Defense Ministry that never really had the intestinal fortitude to put up any kind of resistance. Unlike its neighbors, both East and West, the Indian armed forces have always been at the service of the central government. Where the armed forces could have been more aggressive in protecting India’s lands, they had to give in to the center. In most cases, land was lost, not gained. No hue and cry by the CP when this happened.


So, what gives him the right to talk about land lost during the latest attempted incursion? By the way, there was absolutely no land lost; in fact, a few kilometers of land was recovered. This is evidenced by the fact that the Chinese are willing to accept the 1959 Line Of Actual Control, which India, rightfully, has turned down. However, this hasn’t stopped the Indian National Congress, specifically the CP, from claiming that India has surrendered 1200 sq km of land, which is factually untrue! In fact, as mentioned previously, India has recovered a few kilometers of land that was previously lost.


Where does India go from here? A look around the globe will give one the impression that a third world war, something that should never happen, might actually happen. India has aligned itself with the US of A, as Russia is playing both sides of the field; it has been selling weapons to India forever and has now started selling the same weapons to China. This has left India looking for weapons that could give it a military advantage. In this regard, India has now become a founding member of the Quad, a consortium of 4 countries, the USA, Australia, Japan and India. The main purpose of this group is to isolate China. After all, nothing works better than when one’s purse strings are tightened and revenues that should have come, don’t come!


Regardless of what course of action is taken, it is safe to assume that the world is now witnessing a realignment of countries that have traditionally never worked together. India remained “non-aligned” even though most of their weapons were bought from the former USSR. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has broken into camps with Turkey, Pakistan and Iran being in one camp, while Saudi Arabia and the others are in another camp! Is this the beginning of a New World Order? It very likely is, and countries are scurrying around trying to align themselves with a camp that could benefit them. Who comes out on top is anyone’s guess!



जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

God Bless the USA.


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