Leadership is an inherent quality that one either has or doesn’t have. It’s not something that is developed over a period of time. Think about how many leaders we have within Bharat and their commitment to the country! Not many! Yes, we also have leaders who have had leadership thrust on them. The previous president of the Indian National Congress immediately comes to mind. Leaders who strive to do good for the country are few and far between.

There are others who have the qualities but would like to stay in the background, almost blending into it, and do whatever they can for the country. It’s not in their psyche to ask for attention. It’s just not them. They consider themselves “too small” to lead a country as diverse as Bharat. It speaks more about their modesty than it does about the diversity of the country.

I remember a year or so ago, I talked to an unassuming young man! A very good orator, the man could convince people like yours truly to believe in an ideology that sometimes is foreign to people living in the USA. An ideology that radiates the truth behind Hindutva. The word Hindutva has been wrongly associated with extremism, something alien to Hindus. Hindus have accepted people from multiple faiths without once thinking about it. To then wrongly brand Hindus as followers of Hindutva is akin to calling Buddhists as violent people! It’s just not true!

The young man spoke over 15 minutes to a video conference audience of about 40-50 people, speaking on multiple topics ranging from the 2019 elections to other topics of mutual interest. He would stop to take a sip of water and then continue. What amazed all of us was his commitment to what he believed in; his relaxed body, gestures and a smile on his face masking piercing eyes that reflected his confidence and commitment. He quoted from the Bhagwad Geeta as well as the vedas to support his cause. His name: Mithun Chakravarti, known to his friends and followers as Chakravarti Sulibele.

Where most people dream of an IT job that pays them handsomely, this young man writes about various social evils and improvements, and has started his own social workers army comprising the youth, rightly called The Yuva Brigade. He enjoys talking technology, showing the same enthusiasm he has while talking about India. The youth in the yuva brigade throng around him, listening to his every word as if they were divine messages. If you want to see the commitment of these youth, just see them working at cleaning out dirty lakes, ponds with unflinching dedication, all because they want to beautify their neighborhood and give their fellow human beings healthy surroundings to live in.

His fans are not restricted to his home state of Karnataka but are here too, in the US of A, with ages ranging from 17 and way above. During that video conference, when he was asked whether, or not, he’d consider contesting the elections, he shook his head smiling, making one realize this was no ordinary person. Truth be told, we need people like him both in office as well as outside, doing what he loves doing, getting people enthused about India and about Hindutva. Maybe, just maybe, one day he will consider contesting an election; knowing his fanfare here in the USA and back home in Bharat, he will have many people rooting for him!

Sulibele is another reason why I say, उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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