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When an individual is threatened, yes THREATENED, by an entire political machinery in a democracy like the USA or India, the law enforcement agencies (LEA) usually take the side of the individual. But, what if the entire LEA were to take the side of the political machinery? Who would the individual turn to? If the individual is from the supposedly weaker sex, what does that individual do? If that person was a movie actor, and the whole state machinery was going for the actor’s jugular, what would you expect that actor to do?


Too many questions to be asking oneself, and yet, these are essentially what one should be asking when talking about the threats Kangana Ranaut’s facing! From threats to her physical well-being to entering the city of Mumbai and more, it’s obvious the political machinery from the state of Maharashtra is nonplussed and challenged. For what reason? People have actually started questioning the government in the past 4-5 months and the party has been unable to contend with these questions. Now, an actor, A WOMAN, has raised questions that could be embarrassing to the party. How does one ensure that such occurrences don’t ever happen again? Bring in the supposed might of the state and demolish her residence! That should teach her, and anyone else, to go against the Sena!!!


Let’s look at what has happened in this show: With the way they have gone against the common person, they’ve now alienated themselves and are now completely at the hands of the Indian National Congress and the NCP, two political entities the founder of the Sena, Bala Saheb, would NEVER have even associated himself with. But then, Bala Saheb isn’t alive anymore, and thank god for that! He’d have disowned Uddhav, his son if he were alive! He’d NEVER have condoned maligning a woman and DEFINITELY NOT beating up an ex-service man. This is a new side of the Sena people are seeing and not one that’s particularly enticing! In fact, this is a revolting side. Is it possible this is the real side of the Sena that has, till now, hidden behind a façade of humane behavior?


Kangana’s house was destroyed as she, apparently, had an illegal structure. This brings to mind a big question. Prior to the common person inhabiting any residential structure, the corporation has to approve the building. Given that, why (or how) did the city approve the residence? If this was just the city taking it’s anger out on a common citizen, the courts should have a field day setting the city on it’s right path! The High Court of Maharashtra, and the Supreme Court, will be taking this case on; especially when it’s the common person being maimed by the government!


Where does Ms Ranaut go from here? By God’s grace, she has enough money that she won’t need anything. She, however, needs to be compensated for a residence/office that is now uninhabitable. I am sure, her lawyers are gleefully working on getting as much money as humanly possible for a stupid mistake, that Sanjay Raut and the Sena has made! You must have observed, I mentioned Raut’s name and not the Supremo’s name! That’s because Uddhav has NOT said a word about this. One would have expected him to show some kind of dissention from his associate, but nope! He seems to have agreed to his colleague’s assessment of the situation. Well, now it’s time to pay up for his (mis) assessment. Where a little tact could have worked wonders, now loads of cash will not suffice. In addition, keeping quiet when a retired naval officer is attacked by Sena goons shows an utter disrespect to seniors, to retirees, to the services and to the law! Whether they like it or not, this has now taken a form of its own and will now play out in the courts of law. As and when this enters the courts, the Sena doesn’t stand a chance, unless they intimidate and maim the officers of the court! I wouldn’t put this past them!


Let’s look at the other side. Where or how does the big bad Sena fix this issue so people will not lose their trust in this party? Removing Raut or anyone else will NOT solve the problem, it might compound it. First of all, understand the pain of the people that have been affected by the unfortunate and tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput. After all, this whole Kangana episode is an offshoot of this!! Secondly, no single person is greater than the party. This was made obvious by Indira Gandhi and the loss of the Indian National Congress (INC) in the aftermath of the infamous Emergency. This was again made obvious in 2019 when Rahul Gandhi attempted to project himself as the face of the INC. No single person can be the face of an entire political movement. The fact that there is an uprising within the INC shows the dissension that exists within that party. Whether, or not, this is at a national level is up for conjecture but it has started. This should be a warning to the Sena where Aditya seems to be of the opinion his family is the party. Hindutva, which is what Balasaheb used to project, has disappeared from the Sena; the ideology which lead the party is missing. Does this mean, the party has no ideology other than seeking power. So it seems!!!


I’m reminded of Richard Harris’s statement that “the most distinctive characteristic of your local politician is selective cowardice”. Does this apply to Uddhav and others who should have spoken out against Sanjay Raut! Hell, yes! Will they learn from this? Learning is for people who have humility. When one goes in with an arrogant attitude, any opportunities for learning are lost upon them! Looking back into history is always good! Those that don’t look back into history are bound to repeat it!

जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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