In the later part of the evening on the 26th of November, 2019, a young veterinarian wanted to head home after a hard day’s work with her favorite beings, four-legged animals! She tried getting her two-wheeler to move but it wouldn’t. One of her tires was flat. Four people, watching this young lady’s troubles, offered to help; then insisted on helping her. Her instincts told her this was trouble brewing and she wasn’t wrong. The young veterinarian called her sister and told her about the troubles she was facing. That was the last conversation she had with anyone in her family.

When she didn’t return home, her worried mother lodged a complaint at the local police station. The officers, rather than take note of a missing young lady, passed it off as a girl eloping with her lover. Later, her body was found raped and burnt. The agony in the last few hours of her young life can not be imagined; but, she must have been thinking of her parents, siblings and why no one was helping her before the flames took her life.

As expected, there was a demand for the local police to answer the question of why they would pass it off as someone eloping with her lover. The police, this time, did their job and identified the animals who had taken this life. On questioning the animals, It was discovered that they had purposely punctured her tire. This was premeditated rape and murder. Again, as expected, the Lutyens crowd stayed out of this tragedy. It was probably because they didn’t want to comment on a case that was still being investigated. Surprisingly, the same Lutyens crowd gave another “young life lost”, a few years ago, a lot of airtime, during that investigation. They played the “Muslim girl raped by a Hindu priest” song! Bollywood celebrities came out in hundreds to support that life, young Asifa. This time, however, no Bollywood celebrities came out to mourn the young doctor’s rape and murder. It was left to the common people, like you and I, to get this tragedy the airtime it rightly deserved. Arnab was the only one talking about this. Till now, I haven’t heard of any of the Lutyens crowd talking about “Hindu girl raped and murdered by a Muslim”.

When someone asked the state home minister why this could have happened, his response was both damning and shaming. “If only she had called 100(akin to 911), she would still be alive” was this “human being’s” response. So let me get this right: the dead victim is the one who should be shamed for NOT calling the police? Has this minister completely lost his humanity? Or his mind? The chief minister, rather than say anything has been quiet. The MP from Hyderabad, who riles at anything against his community and has an opinion about pretty much everything, this time chose to be quiet.

What is it going to take to get young aspiring ladies the protection they rightly deserve? Will it need the enforcement of the death sentence? Should the monsters relive the horrible crime they perpetrated? Lutyens has become selectively desensitized to crimes on one particular community while appearing ultra-sensitive to all others. Do Hindu lives mean nothing to the Lutyens crowd?

When this kind of apathy sets into the media, it shows the callousness that exists in society. Hindus need to be equally represented by this Lutyens crowd but that’s not happening! When does the dormant Sanathana Dharma population awaken and say “This has got to stop now”? When does this dormant Sanathana Dharma population say “Enough is Enough”.? When does this dormant population say “Protect our daughters or we will protect ourselves and will not need the police”? Will this dormant population ever awaken or will they remain quiet till there’s nothing left? Is the Sanathana Dharma population turning into Nero, who danced while Rome burned?

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