These days there are a lot of talks regarding women empowerment But the question arises in our mind first is “What is empowerment?”
How it’ll happen?

According to me, empowering means giving more authority to women, to give them more rights, and make sure they have a better say in the Society.
So how it’ll happen?

Ofcourse!! There’s one part where society has to change their mindsets, treat women equally, give them more liberty.
For me, as a woman, the more important part is ” Women have to bring the change in themselves”.

There’s one very popular saying: “God help those, who help themselves”.

If we’ll treat ourselves as ‘Abla naari’ & always seek help from others without putting efforts from our own side then it’ll be an injustice to ourselves.

Many of the times we observe the difference still prevails between male & female seen in some sectors and we blame society completely. But my view on this is a bit different.

What is Society??

Society is “Us” !!
We the women are an integral part of the society. Then why are we allowing a section of Society to dominate us? To treat in the way they want?

Why are we not taking a stand for it? Why we are not bothered about it? Why are we not contributing our views to it?

Let’s start making a difference from our own homes, our families, our friend circles, our children, our siblings.

For instance, our mother teaches us cooking at home ….. Which is very important! And everybody should learn it. Here everybody means everybody..boys too.

We should start feeling “Equal” not different.
Let the society realize that we are equal, not different. This will be the first step towards Women Empowerment from ourselves, from every woman.

When we discuss about change in the society, we should be aware of what changes are happening in the society. There are a bunch of laws & women-oriented policies, But are we aware of these??

In this digital era, I believe everyone will be aware of laws related to dowry, harassment etc. But What I observe is we heard least about the following policies.

Let us get aware of these helpful and empowering policies by our government.

1. STEP (Support to Training & Employment Programme for women): it aims to provide skills that give employability to women & to provide competencies that enables women to become self-employed.

2. SAKHI: One-stop centres are available in every part of the country. Where every kind of legal counseling and assistance provided to women & also a toll-free number is available 181.

The motive is to be aware more to become more empowered!!
That’s called true women empowerment.


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