Stop me if you’ve heard this one! With all the rich people in Delhi driving their fancy cars, Delhi still needs freebies more than good administration!

In the months from December 2019 through February 2020, we had serious campaigning being done by the major players in Delhi. I say major, although I don’t count the INC as serious contenders.  So, we had a face-off between the incumbents, the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and the challengers, the BJP. Before I go any further, I’d like to say that our opponents’ weakness can not be our strength. What I mean by that,  is never think of utilizing your opponents’ misadministration as your election tactic. The BJP didn’t come clean with what they wanted to achieve if voted to power. Yeah, yeah I know they had a manifesto, but so did the INC. The important thing to note was the electorate was unaware of what was said in the manifesto! Before you ask me what manifesto the AAP had, nothing or close to nothing! That’s why you needed one! You’re supposed to be far better than the AAP, remember?

We heard too many jokes about Kejriwal and Sisodia, and nothing about the BJP’s plans to grow Delhi! We identified 100’s of issues but didn’t have solutions! We showed rat-infested Mohalla clinics but had no options for the health of the same people we were asking to vote for us! When I talked to a friend’s father, he said “बेटा, BJP नेसमस्याएँ तो बता दी किंतु कोई  समाधान तो नहीं बताए”(Son, the BJP told us of the problems but didn’t give us solutions”). To be taken as a serious alternative, the BJP needed to come out with solutions to said problems! They fell woefully short!!!

Elections, at least in the recent past, have been run on the back of NaMo! While that name is probably more than sufficient to win the national elections, it becomes a little difficult( and, as a consequence, different) for NaMo to influence the local elections. When all we heard were the problems that people faced due to the current administration, that brought an immediate question in response: इससे अलग आप क्या करोगे (how would you do it differently)? We need to be able to articulate our approach when we show the shortcomings of our opponents. More often than not, candidates were caught unguarded!

How does this translate to wins going forward?  How does the party re-unite and move forward? After all, the next time Delhi goes to elections will be in 2024(Lok Sabha) and 2025 (Delhi elections).  Let’s take a minute to applaud Tajinder Bagga who, even though he lost, has promised to carry through on his promise to teach girls self-defense! He saw a need and has dedicated himself to achieve that. That’s thinking forward. Sitting in the confines of a room, one can go through all, that didn’t go well on the campaign trail. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20. But there is nothing to be gained by doing this. Move on! Prepare for the next election starting today! Help the people in your constituency so their lives are better!  Do this without any ulterior motive and, people will remember you when it’s time to vote!

The sad thing is, what should be obvious is obviously overlooked! People vote for those that are thought to be productive. Whether that means productive members of society, or just “more productive than her/his rival” is anyone’s guess! When people think of their daughter’s security, they will remember Bagga! That’s what forward-thinking translates to! So, what is your candidate thinking of doing to help her/his constituents? If (s)he has not indicated anything, chances are this candidate will lose the next time around, too! If you want that changed, get her/him to start working to resolve people’s problems and issues!

उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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