Needless to say, the Indian Parliament is made up of democratically elected representatives called Members of Parliament (MP). The MPs are elected by, for and of the Indian masses. (if someone says, buy, far and off the masses, I don’t tend to agree for the sheer size of voters in that country). Each MP represents a specific constituency of people. When a bill is passed in the Parliament, it is not passed by PM, but MPs, as it also happened in the case of recent bills, namely, Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020, and Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Bill, 2020.

There are many shortcomings of Indian democracy. It is valid and acceptable. But indeed, the world is yet to come up with a political system of national governance that will not have any shortcomings. Democracy is still the least evil vis-à-vis all its alternatives.
The biggest controversy has been about the passing of bills by Rajya Sabha. Incidentally, BJP+ has a thumping majority in Lok Sabha. So, no scope for controversy there. As per a news report by India Today (September 23, 2020) here is the tally of numbers, total strength, present and absent in Rajya Sabha on the day of voting on these bills.


partywise seats


So, with the minimum common sense, whom should you protest against? Your MP or PM? MP and PM should not be confused with each other. The protest should be at the door of the MPs who voted for against your wishes; and the most vehemently against those who ABSENTED themselves that day and time.

The funny thing is that the protest is being led by Congress+ and SAD, who as a group were absent no less than 31%. That is nearly 1/3. They deserve to be called out at their homes and offices. Public Roads should be spared.

“If one draws a final tally after the debate was over, the government numbers could have been 110 for the Bills vs 70 against the Bills. This means the Opposition had a clear idea that the government was going to have its way, and for them, the game was lost”, wrote India Today in its report. Now you may see the real reason for the ruckus witnessed in the Raja Sabha that day.

Is it a responsible opposition? For your own inadequacies, you are fueling protests, further putting the public to harassment and the Security and other administrative agencies stretching out.

Democracy gives a right to protest for a reasonable cause in a peaceful way without disrupting the lives of other citizens. If protestors have rights in a democracy, other citizens have no less right to safety, peace, life and property.

Important is for the common masses, particularly protestors, to know the facts and reverse the protest at the correct persons and doors; their ABSENTED MPs. If you like, you may also protest at the doors of MPs who voted for, against your wishes. But no disruption of common life can be justified. We are now Independent for 73+ years and will be celebrating 75th year soon. The public has to mature and demand performance from MPs. They are your employees. You pay them with your direct and indirect taxes.

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Kumar Sridhar
Kumar Sridhar
3 years ago

While I do agree with your article, it would be nice if these people don’t get so influenced by a Rahul Baba or a Priyanka Didi(or for that matter, Mateshwari)! Unfortunately, people are naive and would do anything asked for, no questions asked!

Love the article