Indian Americans traditionally supported democratic party for decades. It is due to the fascination towards the young leaders and party’s stand towards the minorities in the US. However, things have changed since the past few years. Democratic party is not a party like before and it’s time to think and vote considering every aspect related to Indian community.

Socialist Sanders and his Anti India resolution:

Socialist Sanders who was a Democratic Party contender for 2020 elections made a resolution against India in Sept 2019 about India’s parliamentary decision on abrogating article 370 pertaining to Kashmir. The comments were indeed slanderous and irrelevant for any Senator poking into the sovereign affairs of another country. India after independence in 1947 had annexed Kashmir ( with annexation accord) and provided a temporary autonomous status bypassing the parliament and amended the constitution in 1954. The removal of temporary status is strictly within its constitution purview. However, making a resolution against India on the matters doesn’t make sense about his maturity. Every Indian American knew that his campaign manager is a Pakistani American. One can correlate his nexus with the Pakistan caucus by voting against India in the US Senate back in 2008 when President Bush advocated for the United States-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Nonproliferation Enhancement Act.

Democratic Party poking into Indian Affairs:

India after passing the Citizenship Amendment act to facilitate citizenship to refugees belonging to Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Buddhits, Jains, Sikhs of its hostile neighboring nations triggered an engineered unrest inciting Muslims with a trepidation by left media in India , US and UK funded by Soros’s OSF. While the CAA is strictly a humanitarian law that provides dignity and freedom to majority Hindu Dalits and other persecuted minorities of the hostile nations bordering India; the progressive brigade of democratic party started a smear campaign against India funded by Pakistani lobby and CAIR. Not limited to this but Left student groups in various universities in the US targeted Hindu groups demonizing Hindu festivals and rituals. One cannot forget the vicious “ Holi against Hindutva” campaign by Ziad Ahmed who directly advocated for Sanders campaign. It’s not limited to this, but the same socialist and communist brigade of Democratic party mocking Hindus with Hindu phobic taunts every day cannot be tolerated. Hindu Americans must make a decision to switch their allegiance to Republican party as the party cannot treat everyone the same and the principles of equality were meddled.

Republican Party stand on Immigration and inclination towards India:

Trump since getting to office have advocated for legal immigration and always favored for merit based Green cards. His policy for immigration is crystal clear on legal immigration and proposed for merit based immigration. His administration waited for the Congress to pass Dreamers bill on merit based immigration so he can sign it to make a law. It is not just his administration but Republican Party under Bush administration favored India in many ways. One cannot forget how the George Bush administration introduced a separate H1 B quota ( 20,000) for the students who passed out of US universities in STEM. Indian students have It was his administration in 2006 who got the Indian students an extra one more year for Optional Practical training making it to two years. Bush advocated the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for India’s membership for its increased demand on Power supply. His diplomacy helped India to secure membership despite 48 other countries’ expressed concern. It was a big win for India. We cannot forget George Bush for the great help. Republican Party always tried to make peace with India. Not limited to this, Dwight Eisenhower 60 years ago expressed interest in India and advocated for a permanent seat to India in the UN Security Council. One has to observe the Bilateral relations reach new heights during Trump’s administration. One wonders why Trump had blocked new H1 B holders this year.. One should understand that this 2020 is one of misfortune and a worst year due to deadly pandemic. As a head of the country it is his duty to stop anyone coming to the US that might be linked to COVID carriers. It significantly increases the risk of carrying the virus into the US. In fact, Every H1 B visa holder will remember the plight of Visa holders due to the immigration policy brought by the Obama administration that ask to show the relationship between Employee and Employer. This affected thousands of visa holders and is still a policy decision in continuation. Thus, a deep introspection has to be made on why Indian Americans still support the Democratic Party while the same Democratic party has put sanctions on India in 1998 after nuclear tests and condemning India. Indian Americans should consider switching.

Democratic Party and its ineptness to condemn Chinese aggression on India

Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus has four Indian Americans who are significant in the party maintaining high value in the party. Interestingly, when Chinese aggression into Indian territory, and as many as twenty of the soldiers including a Lieutenant colonel of Indian Army officer was martyred at Galwan Valley in Ladakh region in June 2020, none of the four high powered US Congress and Senators of Democratic party condemned the chinese aggression on India. To be precise, Ro Khanna who is a Representative of Fremont US Congress Dist since past two terms with the votes of Indian American switched sides into the Pakistan Caucus and his open challenge to Indian Americans dismayed the community. His endorsement to Socialist Sanders conveys the same message that he is against India’s decision of abrogation of article 370 and humanitarian CAA law. His numbness and reluctance to condemn the Chinese aggression is one good example of Jay Chand (traitor) of Indian medieval history. Apart from him, Seattle’s Representative Pr(J)amila J(P)aypal is another progressive and vice chair of the caucus is a shrewd woman who openly targeted India on multiple occasions and planned to introduce Kashmir resolution against India. When none of these representatives have any idea of how Kashmir got annexed into India and its history of being a bordered state to hostile Pakistan which India fought three wars. It is a colossal failure on her part to at least be open minded to listen the facts pertaining to CAA law and Kashmir. Incidentally she also endorsed Socialist Sanders and sadly, she never condemned the Chinese Aggression on India. Thus, it is a high time to think twice to choose the right person for POTUS who favor India and not who demonize India.

Democratic Party and its nexus with radicals.

Democratic Party is not a party of Kennedy or Carter any more. This party has enough radicals who would like to bring sharia law in the US, blatantly support palestine terrorist groups , advocating and inciting riots in the name of Black Lives Matter. Illhan Omar who is a US Representative of Minneapolis openly made a statement to tear down the US economy. Her dubious marriage sham and her inclination towards the radical groups is well known. While Minneapolis was burning and on loot, She made no attempts to diffuse the tensions between the ethnic groups. It is her responsibility to diffuse the tensions but rather incited to take on rage. Many have lost businesses, livelihood due these riots and looting. Apart from this, Seattle witnessed two deaths in the CHAZ/CHOP area Rep Jaypal did nothing to diffuse the tensions. The saddest part is, the BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors along with her co organizers are inspired by Marxist training. One wonders the Seattle’s East Precinct where the CHOP was organized is represented by city councilor Kshama Sawant who introduced a resolution against India on CAA. While, she is an open Socialist/Communist and a staunch Hindu hater backed by Rep Jaypal. Now, the Presidential contender Joe Biden have released Muslim American Agenda but never acknowledge to have the same for Hindu Americans. For him, Hindu and India are the same, Thus his campaign says that he will bring Kashmir back into agenda when he becomes POTUS. One cannot forget the smear campaign and petition to remove against his own campaign manager Amit Jani as he is a Hindu. For the radicals in democratic party, Hindus are fascists and Nazis. It is an everyday matter for the radicals in democratic party to vilify Hindus.

It’s a moment to decide on why Indians Americans should keep allegiance towards Democratic party considering its obnoxious stand on India and Indian Visa holders. Indian Americans should not forget the roots where they came from and it is impervious to observe the fact that people who come from other countries hold a rich bond with their home land. Be it Arab nations or Pakistan or China or any South East Asia or Latin American nations. Transformation happens based on the situation and blind support will certainly be a danger to Indian community and India.

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