When the Corona virus hit the globe in November 2019, people were left wondering why any nation would create a virus so deadly that the entire humanity could be wiped out in a few months. No, this was not going to happen overnight but the intent was to harm humanity. Why would China want to hurt countries that were buying Chinese products? After all, hurting a global economy would obviously hurt and flatten the Chinese economy!! And yet, it was proven that the origin of this virus was in a district of China called Wuhan.

Over the next few months, the world began roasting China, and rightfully so! After all, when you aim to hurt humanity and get caught, you will be taken to the cleaners!! Then to object to this being called the Chinese Wuhan Virus shows the guilt behind what had obviously been mishandled by the CCP machinery. However, they wanted to come out with their guns blazing, figuratively and, as time would show, literally. In a mountainous area 14,000 feet above sea level, the Chinese army decided to flex its’ muscles on the borders of India, coming into the newest Indian state of Ladakh. The two armies had a confrontation, leaving soldiers dead on both sides. As per practice, China has neither denied nor accepted the fact that their soldiers had been killed in this misadventure, on their part. Tensions have been running high on the borders, ever since then. Tensions have been higher with the politicians down in the capital city of New Delhi.

From a distance, here’s what I think. Where India, and Indians, should be united and in support of the army, we see different politicians with different opinions. The common people are all behind the army. To be fair, 90% of the political arena has thrown their support behind the army. It’s only 3 political parties that have questioned the need for such a confrontation, forgetting that India DID NOT start this confrontation. One of these parties is the, you got it right, Indian National Congress (INC). The others were the Communist Party of India (both of them), but they have always been supporters of China.

Over the past 6 years, the INC has come out, quite surprisingly, on the opposite side of nearly every issue. Where public opinion should have mattered to this party, it looks like they are beyond reprieve. Why would a political party, which wants to come back to power, flaunt anti-national rhetoric questioning the Prime Minister’s intent as well as other quite unnecessary statements made by the Crown (Clown?) Prince.

Just when things were getting confusing, it started clearing up with the revelation that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation had been receiving fiscal contributions from China. It was shown, quite conclusively, that the Embassy of the PRC had infact given a donation to this foundation. I have a question that one of the intelligent readers might be able to answer: Back in July 2017, when Doklam happened, Rahul Gandhi was at the Chinese Embassy. After quite a few flipflops, the INC accepted the fact that Rahul Gandhi had met with the Ambassador. The claim, at the time, was that Rahul Gandhi wanted to get the Chinese take on the Doklam issue. Is it possible, some financial assistance was given to the foundation at this meeting? After all, the INC did deny this meeting for quite a while, before accepting this fact. If this meeting was ONLY to get the Chinese version of Doklam, then why deny? If there was any other reason, like Rahul Gandhi picking up a cheque from the embassy, then the INC would obviously deny this meeting. This financial “assistance” needs to be investigated, as this is definitely illegal. Political parties get funded from those that are from India, not foreign entities, definitely not foreign governments! And yet, this has happened here. Has the INC sold itself to the highest bidder or is there some other reason for such financial dealings with countries that have never been friends of India?

While public opinion is not of paramount importance to this political entity, it must realize that the public is what will get them re-elected; right now, it looks like a pipe dream with the way they have been behaving with impunity! Unfortunately, most Indian people are enamored by politicians and will soon forget these acts (of treachery?) and will vote the likes of Rahul Gandhi and the communists in Kerala back to power. That’s why these parties don’t change. They don’t need to: we have 1.3 billion people who tend to forget any act of anti-nationalism and will support anyone, regardless of their history. Sadly this has been the case for the past 68 years and there is no reason to believe this will change in the near future.

उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

God Bless the USA.

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