Bharat is going thro’ an interesting phase, what with all the new legislations being passed by both houses in regards to the abrogation of Articles 370/35a, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and a host of other moves (Ram Mandir, Triple Talaq to name a few). While people’s temperatures in Bharat is at an all time high, whether you like it or not the majority of the citizens have approved these moves, what is obvious is the feedback the country is getting from its leftist population. Let’s get this straight: Unlike the US of A, where there are moderate Republicans/Democrats who are referred to as Centrists by some, there is no such group in Bharat. What effect these centrists would have on a population as diverse as what Bharat has, can only be imagined.

With the latest legislation (CAB), what has become obvious is the lack of education among the people. No, I’m not talking about the degree one obtains from educational institutions, although that would be a good start, but about the ability to fully understand the reasoning behind the legislation as well as what it means to the affected communities. Instead of educating the populace, we are seeing a population getting confused between the CAB and the National Registry of Citizens(NRC), and the opposition abetting this misinformation. Some reports state that prominent opposition leaders were seen leading the riots and the burning! Trains, train stations and buses were not spared, nor was private property!! Where the need of the hour was to understand, even debate the new legislation, what has transpired shows Bharat to be a very volatile country!

Nowhere in the CAB is it stated that people will be driven out of the country. For those that bring up the NRC, we still don’t have the NRC legislated. Yes, it’s a matter of time before that becomes a law. We need to wait for it to pass thro the two houses. Once that happens, we will see an even more pathetic reaction from the state of West Bengal, where citizens and illegal immigrants run wild destroying public and private property, burning down train stations and buses! All for what reason? Many of them are not even aware of what the issue on hand is! Illegal citizens have lived in Bharat, with impunity I might add, even before the CAB was a twinkle in Amit Shah’s eyes, and have benefited from a system that has largely failed the legal majority. Given this situation, what would the country need to do to get these people to move back to their country of origin?

Is there a need for the dreaded NRC? Absolutely!! The NRC is the only way to ensure all people are accounted for! Will this completely eliminate the illegal aliens within the country! It would be foolish to think so, but it will bring down those unaccounted for! For example, the states of West Bengal , Assam, Nagaland and Manipur are few states that are badly affected by the illegal migrants from Bangla Desh as well as Myanmar. Not too long ago, the current Chief Minister of Bengal belonged to the current coalition, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). At the time, she had complained in parliament about the illegal immigrants that were coming into her state; today, she sings an exactly opposite tune. However, while the politicians play their game, let’s try to understand the magnitude of a problem that could affect the stability and economy of a country.

While most of these “citizens” have benefited financially, the pathetic condition that the Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Buddhists, from Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Afghanistan live in, seems to be forgotten by a media that is obviously playing to it’s viewers! Being a Brahmin from Kashmir living in the filthy slums of New Delhi, the refugee is not given any benefits as he/she belongs to the general quota; on the other hand, the illegal minorities are given benefits beyond their wildest dreams, ONLY because they belong to the minority. This was a system that was created by the Indian National Congress (INC) to placate it’s following. How fair is this system?

Back in 2013, I heard a friend of mine say, “Hindus for taxes, minorities for votes is the way this country is ruled.” At the time, I didn’t see any point in thinking about this, as there was no option to the regime. Today, however, I see people rising up against the discrimination being perpetrated on the Hindu population. If a country needs to develop, all its people need to be given equal rights and opportunities to educate themselves; it should not be ruled by a quota system. As I have mentioned in previous articles, rather than get out of being labeled as an underdeveloped community, people are now fighting to get into this quota system. That is not the way a country advances.

As an example, back in the 70-80s, the EEO(Equal Employment Opportunity) was created in the USA in order to overcome two centuries of racism and discrimination. The result is now apparent to everyone, with an economy that has everyone contributing to it. That’s the way a country progresses and develops. And yet, politicians, at least a majority of them, in the USA, are as opportunistic as their Indian counterparts. They want stricter laws governing the illegal influx of Mexicans; the President wants to build a wall to make it more difficult. Most people are for it! When it comes to Bharat, however, they seem to be riled over the CAB! So, Senator/Member of Congress, what exactly is the difference? How would you recommend this be handled? After all, America also was formed on the principles of allowing those who were disenfranchised, giving them a country to call their own! And yet, you want to build a wall!

Politicians will never understand the full effect of whatever they oppose; that’s in their nature. Especially in Bharat, where placating communities becomes a requirement to get elected. Case in point, the current government in Maharastra which has three political parties with exactly opposite ideologies; the Shiv Sena (Hindus first), the NCP and the INC (who knows what their true ideology is, but they claim to be inclusive parties).

I’m not sure who will benefit, apart from the above mentioned parties, from such an amalgamation of political ideologies. One thing is very clear: unless people take charge, and responsibility, on who they send to represent them, we will have extremely opportunistic politicians who will, as the saying goes, “Make hay while the sun shines”.

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