Sushant Singh Rajput

A young man, by all people’s estimation, a brilliant actor, Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) died over a month and a half ago; initial reports suggested suicide and yet, there seemed to be some dispute on how this young man died. Media reports are doing minute by minute reports on the goings-on in this case; they should since a young life was snuffed out, in the prime of his life and career, a result of horrible politicking and connections that define Bollywood! Sadly, it looks like the state government has diluted all the evidence. The snoops from the CBI are well trained in finding evidence where the regular eye wouldn’t find any, and yet, the investigation is taking a long time. Rest assured, justice may be delayed but it will be served..if the police and government want to!


In a completely unrelated story, a few months prior to the suicide/murder of SSR, two sadhus were killed in a town, Palghar, in the same state of Maharashtra. The state is governed by a coalition government with the very opposite ideological beliefs; the one whose founder was a Hindu ideological fanatic, the other two known to have worked against the very existence of Hindus. And yet, these ideological opposites seem to be working together; how well is up for conjecture! Back to the point, the reports that came were that these sadhus were mistaken for “Conversion Brigade”. Total hogwash! Not even the people that came up with this story would believe it. Let’s assume for a minute that this was actually true! Oh, no problem, mistaken identity and all can be back to normal!! If the “Conversion Brigade” had a Christian priest or a Mullah, and they were killed, this government would have gone on digging till they came out of the other side of the earth! But, sadly, this is just a Hindu and so the government doesn’t need to care!!!


The state government has not batted an eyelid about this case and, for all purposes, has pushed this under the carpet. For some reason, the BJP is also silent on this! Can some one explain to the party that people are seething about the murder of two innocent sadhus who, mistakenly, thought holding onto the hands of the police would help them!!! How naïve were these sadhus to trust the police, who left them to face an irate crowd! Not a single member of the INC has issued a statement about this murder!!! Everybody wants to take shelter under the veil of “case is under investigation”.


The emasculated Hindu population in India has never really wanted to get away from the daily cost of Onions, Tomatoes and petrol. We would rather not involve ourselves in the unfortunate death of two Hindu saints when we could be talking about more important things like the price index and the future of schools! Have we realized that we have been silently digging the grave of this wonderful Sanathana Dharma, by keeping quiet? No wonder people like Farkan Khan can tweet degrading Hindus and we, SHAME ON ALL OF US, never thought anything about it!


One gentleman went so far as to say, “Jaisi Karni, Vaisi Bharni” (loosely translated, What goes around comes around). Really?? The emasculated lackadaisical Hindu community should be proud of themselves at this!! After all, we don’t really care about what people say about our religion! As long as we are getting our onions and tomatoes, what do we care! There’s nothing that can be said to a community that has time and again ignored cries and attempts by irate Hindu activists because they don’t want to be involved in this! SHAME ON ALL OF US!!


Mass media reflects what is interesting to the people at large. People have NO INTEREST in what happened to two Sadhus; they do care about what Rhea Chakraborty did to SSR!!!! Because SSR was a familiar face, while the two innocent sadhus were some unknown people that no one cared about, we’ve wiped the murder of these sadhus out of our mind!


To the two sadhus, I offer my heartfelt pranams! Respected sirs, in any other country, this horrific crime would have been investigated and the perpetrators would have been incarcerated! In any other country, except India where you were unfortunately born! Even then, if you had been born in the Muslim community or the Christian community, you would be alive! In India, we look at our dead Hindu saint as one person less to fight with, for onions and tomatoes!

जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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