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Keeping in view of emerging challenges during pandemic, temperament of students into academics, competitive exams and agitations it has become momentous to explore the reasons behind. We should try to discern answers of those questions which has created a stumbling block over the fruitful performance of today’s youth. So the question is how the student of today wants the academic institutions, central state university, statutory exam bodies, constitutional commissions and over and above the political system to run as per their demands when it should actually be the other way around.

It seems that this new temperament of student’s resistance is dangerous.
Now the question is, were students always like this or the present time is different?
Perhaps, this issue is of crucial importance.

One cannot deny the fact that the universities have always produced student leaders who not only strived for the cause of students but also affected national politics. Be it a freedom struggle or be it a struggle for their career, discrimination or disparity. But the most important point is that the students have been used, misused and abused too for the satisfaction of pity interests of the others.

I am of the opinion that there can never be one single cause behind any problem. Rather, every single problem is resultant of multifaceted reasons. As far as academics is concerned, a particular class of students is programmed only with cent percent success and supreme authority notion. Neither they have failed in their elementary to higher education, nor they have faced any failure in getting the desired jobs.

But it is also a fact that life is evaluated only after death and it is also a fact that many such successful students have either gone to mental asylum or committed suicides. It means, right from the pampered parenting to the A++ grading the system should be revisited. When we were students, we were never supposed to be branded. We could be easily scolded at home and punished at school and we never thought to even ask question as to why we were punished.

We did believe in sharing, be it goods or books or be it knowledge. As we all know that in today’s era of liberalization, privatization and globalization the criminogenic influence of the Western culture of success has sabotaged the young generation. They have lost their identity, intellect and ideology and suffering from identity crisis. If we really want to change the situation, we should certainly revisit the past and rectify the wrongs.

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Rajiv Bakshi
Rajiv Bakshi
3 years ago

Good one Professor Bibha