Protests are going on all over the world, so it seems, against the CAA. Heck, the Human Rights Nazis are dying to get in on the action, but sadly they haven’t found anything to sink their fangs into. That is so sad, given they always fight for the rights of people affected in countries like India. When it comes to countries like Pakistan, China and others, the Human Rights group suddenly turns into “Human What” organization! As in, what humans were ill-treated in Pakistan? Never heard of any group of people called Uighurs!! Sorry!! Human Rights groups across the world have turned into jokes with people not believing a word they say!! The only people even remotely interested in anything this group says are the leftists, or fondly called “Liberals”.

Yes, these are the same liberals who were crying about the laws in India being biased against a minority community! The same community that is being deported from Italy, which has the entire Democratic Party up in arms and screaming at at the President to do something! Wasn’t that a beautiful sight to behold when Nancy Pelosi, Bernie and the Entire Democratic Party were up in arms against the Italians who cheered for the “Hit the Road, Jack” group in Italy? Didn’t you hear Nancy Pelosi and all of Italian American senators demanding the US government do something against this “attempted murder of human beings” (Isn’t that what Ro Khanna or one of those left wing nuts said?) No, Nancy didn’t say that? Are you sure? I could’ve sworn ole Nancy did!! And yet, these farcical bleedin’ hearts want the US government to do something against a democratically elected government in India!! Not cooking this up!!!

Is this a case of misdirected anger or is this just good ole discrimination? In my opinion, it’s both! Anger at how a country that depended on hand me downs from the US, not even 10 years ago, could suddenly sit at the big boys table! Discrimination because the anger of the same intensity, couldn’t be directed at a Caucasian government in Italy! Before you start deriding me for using the race card, show me one Democrat who has asked the US government to do something against the Italian government? Can’t, can you? AND THAT, has been the pathetic state of affairs with the Democratic Party now dying a thousand deaths, none of which were caused by the Republican party! This was ALL DEMOCRATS!!!

A friend said, admittedly while we were both drinking, “this party(Democrats) respects two things and they’re not necessarily in any order: Race and Money!” After the alcohol wore off the next day, I wasn’t sure If I had heard him right, so I asked him to elaborate. His response was pretty straightforward. He said, “ isn’t it obvious? The Democrats have to be white or rich! The African Americans who are members of this party are there because they’re scared they won’t be allowed at the same table with the Republicans. Indians who are more conservative back in India, than Republicans are here in the USA, all of a sudden realize their liberal side. Ask them about politics in India, at least privately, and they still show their fangs!! If you’re not Non-Caucasian, you better be loaded, like the joker from Amazon”. Sadly all of this is true!

The liberal Indian, in the USA, is a myth! Even those Indians that are card-holding members of the Democratic Party. Yup, you too my friend, who has “many black friends and neighbors living in my neighborhood “ but wants to socialize just with the rich Caucasian community! Nothing wrong with that, but you’re a farce!! Your tears are now exposed as being glycerin induced!!!

Why would I target the Democrats and not the Republicans? Republicans have shown their intent from the very beginning! They have never shown themselves to be bleedin’ hearts, like the Democrats. Yet, the polarization of the Indian community was not due to some bleeding heart finding a cause to fight for! This was done primarily to attract an electorate that is looking for leadership! Leadership that can influence the hallways of the senate and the Congress; Influence the way elected members perceive a country, it’s people and it’s culture. That, my friends, is where the likes of Ro Khanna, Preston Kulkarni, Kshama Sawant stepped up to the plate. Whether they get a home run or whether they strike out, is up to you. Do you know your representative, your senator or your elected member of congress as well as you think you do? There is absolutely no harm in doing some research prior to voting for any particular candidate. It’s called being a responsible voter!!

God bless the USA.

उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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