New Delhi: People participate in an Anti-CAA march in New Delhi on Jan 30, 2020.

It’s been over a month since CAB became CAA! It’s also about the same time that the protests started. Initially this was to protest the new law, then it became about the NRC (National Register of Citizens) – CAB – CAA. But now we really don’t know what these protests are about. The NRC has not even been presented to the parliament and we already have objections! Too many jokes have now come up in regard to this but, this is no laughing matter! I don’t think the protesters know what they are protesting about. So what is this really about?

Till about 6 years ago people had gotten used to inaction; some would call it turning a blind eye to problems that were obvious even to the visually impaired. But yet, these were ignored! Now that the government is actually doing something about things left in limbo, the interested groups and parties cannot bear to see the lackadaisical governments of the past being replaced with one of action. This law that they’re so frightened about, the NRC, was a brainchild of the Indian National Congress (INC). Ironically, it is the very same INC today that has a problem with this. They don’t want the people to know the truth about them and the NRC. Let’s see how this law will benefit the country and how this has been politicized.

Consider a household where two people earn to feed a family of 6 people. That’s 33% of the household supports 67% of people not working. Let’s say into this household another 8 people walk in. Now the two breadwinners have been reduced to 14%, and they have to feed the 86% (14 people). Now, if that was your family, would you have any objection to that? Would you be able to feed the 14 people that are now depending on the two of you? Any normal family would not be able to tolerate this. But then, that is exactly what is being expected from the Country. Only this time it is not just about a family of 8 but its about the 1.3 billion (approximately) citizens of Bharat. All these years, we have tolerated or turned a blind eye to these transgressions. But now that the government is doing something about it – it is this change that is being protested. Remember, it is the very same educated masses that are crying foul about the CAA that also complain (the loudest) that Bharat is too unsafe and corrupt for their taste. And yet…and despite that – they are protesting a law that will bring some order and keep the country safe.

Why protest CAA? Some, who had not even read the law, have asked why Muslims were not included. There are other “smart” people who want to know why Sri Lanka and Myanmar were not included in the list of countries! These countries have never been a part of Akhand Bharat! Again, the CAA didn’t stop Muslims from getting citizenship but said the law would expedite citizenship to the minority communities that have suffered in what used to be a part of Akhand Bharat (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh). For the Muslim community to be included in this law, they should’ve been persecuted in the three countries that used to be a part of Akhand Bharat. How can we forget the ethno-religious groups of the middle east that have found their place and voice in Bharat – the Parsees who came from Persia, the Bahais from Iran, Tibetans from Tibet, to name a few. But it is the Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and others persecuted minorities that have been included in the CAA. Hence, the law. When Nankana Saheb in Pakistan can be desecrated without any qualms or apologies – the blatant suppression to the minorities comes through clearly. On the other hand just think of how Bharat has treated and treats their minorities!

How does this make any difference to the lives of people living in Bharat or, here in the USA? Bharat has been one of the countries that has always been the center of attraction, among the “third world” countries! It is a travesty to call Bharat a “third world” nation. The people of Bharat have been known for their pluralistic mind set. “एकम सतविप्रा बहुधा वदंति” (the truth is one, the ways of getting to this are many) was stated by Rishis and sages from thousands of years! That meant we allowed others to follow their ways of attaining divinity and “moksha”. Such tolerance and accommodation of the belief of others is not found in the other major religions of the world! There is no middle ground in any religion except in Sanathana Dharma.

The intolerance towards Sanathana Dharma was always prevalent but it’s now coming out in the open, what with states banning the ringing of bells in the temples! Would these states show the same attitude to mosques where the azaan is heard five times a day over loudspeakers? I don’t think so! This is what the Hindu has tolerated – their rights being trampled in the very country that is supposed to be of the Hindus! Those who live in the USA have become desensitized to the issues in Bharat. We here in the west live in our own buffered world. We need to wake up to this denigration of the Sanathana Dharma before it is too late. And we will be responsible for our own obliteration. Let’s wake up and save ourselves from this – NOW!

उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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