Pakistan Atrocities on Minorities

While the country was celebrating the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, India quietly celebrated the 1st Anniversary of the abrogation of articles 370/35a. While this in itself was no big deal, after all, it was an internal matter to India, the neighboring Pakistan decided it was not internal but needed the world’s intervention. It ran from pillar to post screaming murder to anyone that would listen.

Unfortunately for them, no one bothered to listen. Those that once would have listened, turned their head away as they had heard I know enough whining from this country. Not surprisingly, they have continued whining. The human rights violations that they talked about has come to bite them in the rear-end. The human rights violations that have been taking place in Pakistan, with minor Hindu, Sikh and Christian girls being raped, murdered or forced into a matrimony with people who have terrorized the girls and families have been highlighted by, surprisingly, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

In fact, he recommended that these Hindus/Sikhs be brought to the US of A. Thanks Bob, but when did you decide to break away from the DNP narrative? After all, the DNP endorsed the view that the CAA was discriminatory and should be revoked? Oh wait, you didn’t break away from that thought process? Aaah, I see..when India does what you suggested, that’s inhuman and discriminatory, but when the US does the same thing, it’s humanitarian!!! When this was brought up on everyone’s favorite outlet, social media, some DNP apologists, not surprisingly from India, did venture to accuse their country of birth of discriminatory practices while claiming that the DNP wanted to “rescue these poor souls”.


Surprisingly, the democratic party seems to believe that the abrogation of articles 370/35a should be resolved with dialogue! Are you kidding me!!! Since when did Indian related internal issues need to be discussed with neighboring countries. Has the USA discussed with Canada, Puerto Rico’s joining the US of A? How is this any different than what happened in India? Why I bring this up is because of one of the democratic party’s supporters, a known Pakistani supporter, Tony Ashai, lauding Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party’s VP candidate, as a person that would help resolve the Kashmir issue. Um, what issue? Kashmir has always been, and will always be, an integral part of India. Whether Kamala Harris thinks otherwise doesn’t make any difference! Quite to the contrary, if she does involve herself in India’s affairs, she might be the first American VP wannabe to be told to mind her own business!


Diplomacy has always been an area where one needs to be proactive. Tipping friends off prior to taking a decision or making a move, lets one know when to be wary! The Prime Minister of India has been able to take this to a totally different level. His relationship with Presidents Trump, Putin, Macron, Prime Ministers Johnson and Abe are already well known. In addition, his relationship with the royalty in Saudi Arabia as well as other middle-eastern countries has assisted India in cementing relationships that has assisted India to glorious new heights. His relationship with the Prime Minister of Israel is well documented. Managing the relationships between hostile countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia is an art the Prime Minister of India has mastered.


In understanding the situation that Pakistan was in as opposed to what it is in now, we need to go back in history. Back when India gained independence, the self-appointed Prime Minister, Nehru (who had a soft corner for socialists) decided to align himself, and the country, with the USSR. That gave Pakistan some leverage as the USA was looking to negate the influence of the USSR. Quite a bit of American money was poured into Pakistan for the next 40-50 years. An artificial economy was created. The people were led to believe that the economy was doing well as local organizations were doing well.

When the economic changes started taking place within India, in the early 90s, the gates were opened to the organizations that wanted a part of the Indian market. Readers would do well to remember, the Indian market had been closed to foreign companies by the late Prime Minister Morarji Desai. It was now being reopened and was just the spark the economy needed. With the Soviet Union breaking into different entities, the global map was changing drastically. The US of A was now looking at being the ONLY economic giant, followed closely by China.

This is possibly where Pakistan made its first mistake. In trying to stay in both camps, it brought upon itself the ire of the US of A. Diplomacy is all about managing relationships with countries that have an element of distrust. The diplomats from Pakistan failed in managing this. Indian diplomats realized Pakistan’s faux pas and struck immediately.


The second mistake they made was in the aftermath of 9/11. When the entire world was still recovering from the shock of the tragic occurrences and were aligning themselves with the US of A, Pakistan also aligned itself with the USA. Fair enough! After all, this was a tragedy of gargantuan proportions! The USA gave billions in funds to Pakistan to capture Bin Laden. But while the entire world was looking for the criminal, Pakistan had hidden Bin Laden in one of its cities, all the while taking money from the USA. When this became evident to the then US administration and the senate, not many were surprised. After all, Pakistan’s duplicity was not being displayed for the first time. Many senators reminded the world about Pakistan’s relationship with China and how this incident shouldn’t surprise anybody.


People, around the globe, have come to realize Pakistan’s role in all Islamic subversive actions and have stepped away from any podium that involves this country! What will become evident in the next few weeks/ months is how Pakistan will react to this global isolation! Will this force them to abandon the terror outfits that exist in that country or will they go the North Korea way? We will find out soon enough! Till then

जय श्रीराम। जय सीयाराम। उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

God Bless the USA.


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