The country seems to be in a state of confusion, with some “legal eagles” claiming the CAA is a precursor to doom. Others believe this is needed in order to restore a sense of balance in an otherwise skewed population! Those legal experts, that believe the CAA is the start of the implementation of the NRC, also will have you believe that a certain community is being targeted. Untrue!

The reality is, like the USA where we have an illegal population that is unaccounted for both in terms of census as well as taxes, Bharat has an illegal population that is unaccounted for! Some believe this could be upwards of hundreds of thousands, while others believe it could be in the millions! Whatever the actual count is, the fact remains that a country cannot sustain consistent economic growth with such a humongous non-tax paying population. To add to this confusion, some of these “esteemed citizens” of the country have obtained, thro whatever means, the aadhar card. How does one now figure out who’s genuinely a citizen and who’s not? I’m not going to give ideas on how this can be accomplished as I’m pretty sure, the Honorable Home Minister already has thought this through!

The reality is, none of us really knows the implications of this act! That maybe the crux of the problem. Talk to the rioting students and you walk out more confused than when you came in! They’re rioting but really don’t know what the issues are. Then, we have foreigners who live in India, and have joined the rioters with imagined storylines, like transgender discrimination!! Where did that come from? I did a double take when I saw that on live TV!! What the rioters don’t seem to understand is that, this act has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with those in the country currently! The minority community not mentioned in the act will still live in Bharat, as long as they came in to the country prior to 2014. It affects those who came in AFTER 2014!! So, can we all relax?

We do have issues that need attention, like a population that’s quickly gotten out of control and an antiquated educational system. Not all education needs to be modified, it’s the history of this beautiful country that needs to be told like what it truly is. But, that’s probably not going to happen as it reflects the ideology of the “secular” mafia.

An excerpt from one of my previous articles summarizes the educational predicament Bharat is in: History has been conveniently distorted to tell us how Akbar was a magnanimous emperor while, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap Singh, Kitoor Chennamma and the likes are but a footnote. The exploits of the many western emperors and rulers are well known while Jhansi Ki Rani Lakshmibai is forgotten. Tipu is honored while Krishnadeva Raya is a part of the one page appendix in the back of the history books! The achievements of the many scientists today are regurgitated by students at  the country but Arya Bhatta, and others, are nowhere to be found!  When a society is without morals, what is the point in conducting classes for Moral Science? We need to accept everyone’s contribution which also includes accepting our ancestors contribution! As long as our mindset is to ape the west and accept it’s offerings as divine, we will always be a country that is still subjugated; this time, not by the British, but the entire west.

What we desperately need, is unanimous agreement in the direction we want Bharat heading. While most political parties will derive political mileage on this one topic, the common person needs to see the reality around us and understand that we are the ONLY country where we tend to burn our hard earned money every time we disagree with the government! Burning buses, bus stations and other property, both public and private, are the sure signs of a community still in the stone ages! Does Bharat belong to all its people? If so, STOP THIS MAYHEM and work towards building a country that we are all proud of!! Enough is enough! When the law enforcement retaliates, we cry abuse and how we are in a police state, yet we want freedom to go about destroying property that doesn’t belong to us!!  What right d we have to do this? We seem to be under the impression that we should be allowed to protest violently! Violence begets violence, so be prepared to face the full wrath of the law enforcement officers!

Enough of this violence! Let’s get the media, that has till now stoked this violence, to behave responsibly and assist! Where media could have brought a quick understanding of the new law, they have done everything but that!

No closing paragraph can cover my disgust at this violence, and the people behind it,  so I will close by saying, उत्तिष्ठ भारत  Jai Ma Bharati!!

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