We are witnessing the re-birth of Nav Bharat, one that is evolving into an economic force to be reckoned with, most of us could never have imagined! We had read in our distorted history books that Bharat was once called the Golden Bird; years of plundering had brought it down to next to nothing. With the departure of the British, people, at the time, HOPED Bharat would regain at least SOME of its lost glory; that really never happened and we went into a bigger slump. The reasons are well documented and need not be regurgitated. What is of importance is that we, as a people, allowed our politicians to make merry with OUR country while we looked on! Helplessly or willingly is debatable!

Going back into our History, some people call it mythology, we read how people revolted against tyranny and selected kings that were just and incorruptible. In addition, these kings worked towards the uplift meant of the people. Kings like Bharata lived up to principles. Even Ravana had principles and died, at the hands of the Lord, to safeguard those values. Coming from such a rich background, we are now watching the other side where some people are wantonly corrupt and give a damn about the country. The sad thing is, we could do something to correct an egregious situation but are ready to overlook the corrupt activities because of one’s allegiance to one’s caste or creed! We elect these representatives to power and then decry the lack of morals in the political arena! It is not that we lack honest people; it is that we look at the caste and subcaste of the person. A Gowda will support another Gowda while a Brahmin will support another Brahmin; regardless of how morally bankrupt the two are!

After 70 years of mucking around, we finally find one person who keeps the country as his top priority and what do we do? We question his intent, integrity, and discipline and make sure to drag him down to our level! Yes, I am talking about NaMo! The reforms that he has brought in are intended to address some of the inequalities that existed; like the reservation policies that have taken the country and ripped it apart. Some more reforms are not as acceptable to people, like demonetization since it hit the pockets of people! We then had the removal of articles 370 and 35a! These are just the ones that are debated every day! There’s a multitude of reforms that don’t get discussed with as much passion like the banning of the Triple Talaq, or the need for a clean environment or clean surroundings! People ridiculed it but these bring in monetary benefits in addition to healthy surroundings!

The immediate need is for a bureaucracy that has bought into these goals rather than one that puts up obstacles! Many a bureaucrat owes his/her livelihood to politicians and has to do what is asked, even if it is against national interests. The implementation of many policies are deliberately obstructed to pander to political masters. This, in turn, affects the people of the region, who look at the center’s policies as a failure! Really? When states like West Bengal, ruled by political parties not a part of the center, do not want to implement policies, the people affected are commoners! They are told that the policies would not benefit them! Who do they believe? The center or the state? Unfortunately, for a large portion of the population who have been previously lied to by the center, it is difficult to look at the center now and trust them! Hence the problem!!

The western media has a vested interest and shows their bias; what’s wrong with the Indian media who definitely know the advantages of this abrogation, but still tout the western lines? We then have a population that buys into this media and believes the hype! Journalistic values died the day political parties paid newspapers, magazines and electronic media to get publicity! We send our children to moral class but lack the very same morals! Are we teaching our kids to lie from when they understood speech?

What Bharat needs is people that have a conscience, to govern the country. Do we have people that will not cow down to political pressure? Do we have the intestinal fortitude to turn down those that will not keep national interests ahead of everything else? Till such time, we are going to be discussing the need for political integrity till the cows come home! Or till these vested interest politicians are driven out, whichever happens first!

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