With the Corona virus taking center stage and everything else being thrown into the background, the reaction of the population around the world is startling! While most of the people are protecting themselves from this virus, we do have others who willfully want to infect the larger population, even if it means their own demise. This is not the type of death anyone can wish on another. Everyone that is infected with this disease suffers a VERY painful death, regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, creed or color! With this being the case, one would expect the global population to put aside their differences and come together as one! Naive thought, yes, but one that most sane people have thought, at some point in time. Humane thoughts would dictate that the discrimination stop and all human beings be treated as family. We already believe in the “Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam” (the whole world is one family) philosophy. Unfortunately, not all of us think in these terms.

Across the western borders of India, news is leaking out that food and essential services are being denied to the minorities. Remember, this is the same country that was playing the other tune when A-370 was revoked. Now, they don’t want to feed the minorities, nor give them much needed medical relief. A preacher from across the border wanted his god to spread the virus among the non-believers. With such religious leaders making a mockery of god, the question that comes to mind is “Is this ultra-religious politics or the politics of religion?”

Within the borders, we have the CM of Delhi purportedly shipping poor migrant INDIAN workers, from UP and neighboring states, out because his state didn’t have enough revenue to help this migrant population. Mr CM Sir, you did supply food to all those protestors not even a couple of months back (Shaheen Bagh), but now claim you don’t have funds? Funds that have been allocated by the central government are now over? Could the center send some auditors to find out where these monies were spent? I know about books being “cooked” but I am fairly sure the accountants are smart enough to differentiate the truth from untruth easily.

One of the arguments that some people put up in the social media was as crazy as it was flimsy! Their argument was “when all other decisions were implemented with a “Coming Soon” notice, why did the government implement this in a hurry without any such notice? Was this to hurt the common person from my community?” What are these people smoking? Do these people understand that, in order to minimize loss of life, some decisions have to be taken? People, please realize decisions are taken for your own good, not to hurt you. The street vendors and small business owners realized the importance of this decision far earlier than the politically motivated among us! The religious politician seems to be as deviously motivated as the political religious leaders among us!

The scores of religious people who were all gathered at a religious place in Delhi, is testament to the fact that not only are the people not thinking logically, but also have ulterior motives. This is evident with these people coughing and sneezing on health workers and law enforcement officers who came in to help them, trying to spread the virus. NO SCRIPTURES have any such diktat that people of any particular communities should be wiped out! We all believe in the sanctity of religion, and yet, drag religion down to the gutters!!!

At this point, the one request that I have is that once this craziness is over, and believe me it will be over soon, support your local vendors and small business owners. They are the people that have been hurt the most but have taken this in a stride. The big outlets will survive because of the revenue that has been earned previously! In the meanwhile, my wish to all of you is to stay safe, stay healthy and take care of your loved ones! Please don’t forget to take care of seniors as they deserve all our attention!

God bless the USA! उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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