Politics over Health

I was enjoying a brief hiatus from writing when the world went into a state of panic with the name Corona taking center stage. No, not the beer but a strange mutation of the SARS virus. A disease that has gripped the world by its collective throat; one, for which people are looking at the government, and their elected representatives for help and direction. Countries like the USA and India are expectedly taking the leadership in this fight, as a friend of mine called it, “against a massive crime being perpetrated over humanity”. Whether, or not, it originated in China is immaterial. Yes, once we have a grip on this, we can do an autopsy, of sorts, and see how and where this originated from. For now, though, let’s give the medical profession the complete cooperation they deserve in tackling this life-threatening situation.

However, while people come to grips with this new malaise that’s is creating absolute havoc in their daily lives, the political parties seem to be in a completely different universe! That’s got to be the only explanation for the way they have been reacting to this! Some are even making this a politically created problem to divert the attention of the larger population from the economic slowdown!! To put this in right perspective, this is from the MP from Wayanad; an economist he is not!! Nor is he a medical professional, and yet, he ventures into territories that would be alien to people like him and I!

Let’s understand the gravity of a situation that grips not just India, but the entire world, Mr Gandhi, before we opine!! This is not a problem that a change in government would solve, so stop playing this VERY STUPID AND DANGEROUS game with the people of India. We know you’re not THAT delusional to think this is the reason for the problem gripping, I repeat, THE WORLD!! You have the audacity to claim that this, in your own words, is another way to hurt the poor!! Sometimes, Mr Gandhi, silence is the best and most intelligent answer; that is something your political advisors should tell you, but haven’t! Even your mother has kept quiet on this issue and, yet, you literally stepped into a pile of IT!!

India has probably done very well, considering the humongous population the country has. This can be attributed to the very aggressive approach by the government, the medical community and the law enforcement working tirelessly to ensure the number of victims are contained; there’s no denying the fact that this will, unfortunately, have some fatalities. If we can contain the numbers while the pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals work tirelessly to come up with a cure, we still have hope! When we start acting delusional and create a lackadaisical attitude among the people, we either need to evaluate our motives, or check ourselves into a psychiatric facility! For your own sake, let’s hope it’s the former.

Here in the USA, we have my political party playing dirty politics to stymie a package that could get respite to the people that are directly affected by the lockdowns and shut downs that are happening; the hourly workers who live paycheck to paycheck. Mind you, most of America lives paycheck to paycheck and, that my friend, is the crux of this problem. To then come out and put a halt on a package that could potentially bring relief to the population is nothing short of dirty politics! To the leadership of the Democratic Party, I’m ashamed to call you my party! We needed leadership in these troubled times and all we got from you is lip service!

We need these political opportunists to stop this political meandering and be upfront with the people that voted them to power. Should we blame these representatives or blame ourselves for bringing them to power? This is a question that will likely haunt us till the next elections. Till then, all I can say is God Bless America! उत्तिष्ठ भारत।जय माँ भारती

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