Many of you might have read, ‘The Story of Civilization’ (11 Volumes) by Will Durant and his wife Ariel Durant.

When Will Durant visited India as part of his (field) research for their ‘The Story of Civilization’, he stopped his research there and wrote a  book, ‘The Case for India’ (1930).

His book, ‘The Case for India’ opens with a note by the author (Will Durant).

I have reproduced below the image of the note so that the World Must Know why Will stopped his Story of Civilization then in India. B’cause he came upon the greatest crime in all history.




Another book is certainly over- due where someone chronicles what happened after 1930.

A few facts worth noting may be:

  1. 1946: Congress agrees Partition of the country by formula of the British
  2. 1947: Tryst with Destiny Speech by Nehru (in English- how many were English speaking Indians then, I don’t know).
  3. 1947-: India waiting to cut British Umbilical cord.
  4. 2021: India still effectively under the rule of ‘English Education Act, 1835’ and the ‘Government of India Act, 1935’. Someone so succinctly put it, India’s problem is not lack of education; India’s problem is wrong education.
  5. India always have and had bravest friends of India like Will Durant. India ought to beware of Anti-India Indians.
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