immigrants make America great

In the past few days, WhatsApp has been buzzing with a statement that President Trump purportedly made in regards to immigrants. Whether, or not, he actually said what is circulating is anyone’s guess. However, I did see many people cursing the President, asking how he could forget the constitution (no where in the constitution is anything mentioned about immigrants being given the freedom to disrespect the flag or refuse to say the pledge of allegiance which they OPENLY do) and how America was supposed to be the last ray of hope for immigrants! There were a few expletives thrown in, which can be ignored. I don’t get what was wrong with what the President purportedly said! After all, immigrants move from their country of origin to the US of A for a new and better life! The US of A did NOT ask these immigrants to come here, but since they’re here, the only ask is that they melt with rest of the pot, without losing their original flavor, and become a part of the country’s vibrant population. This includes speaking the language, identifying themselves as Americans and, for better or worse, becoming an American at heart. Where exactly is the problem in this? No one is asking that the immigrant wear skimpy clothes but that is an option one can take or leave.

When one is trying to get a new start in life, one needs to give up all what was a part of the previous life, including attire. A somewhat situation exists in Bharat, where people are coming in illegally and, are busy trying to recreate their original surroundings within Bharat. “Constitutional” pundits across Bharat are claiming the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a violation of constitutional and basic human rights. How? Human rights dictates that the citizens of a country, and legal visitors, be treated well. Asking people to leave the country, especially those that are illegally in the country, is NOT a violation of human rights. They came in illegally and should leave the country (be it the US of A or Bharat).

Some immigrants do not eat certain types of food consumed by the majority of the population. To ask that, that type of food NOT be served for anyone at educational institutions is ridiculous. How does one get to dictate what another can or cannot eat? Most Hindus don’t eat beef, but that is served in the schools and universities across the US of A. Can we stop the eating of beef by the larger population, just because we don’t eat that? I don’t think so! If all we, the immigrants, are trying to do is recreate our country of origin, why exactly did we migrate to this wonderful country? We could have stayed back!!!

In a town in Midwest America, certain people are trying to implement the Sharia Law within the township!! How does one permit this? To many of us, this country has been a godsend (I am proud to include myself and my family in this list) and would never disrespect this country nor would we want to change this country. Likewise, for those people that live in Bharat and are tired of people coming in with an agenda. Yes, it is an agenda since all they’re trying to do is recreate an environment they desperately wanted to get away from!!! Whether that was because of persecution or economics is irrelevant. If they don’t like the new environment and are unwilling to assimilate themselves to the new surroundings, they do have the option of moving back to their country of origin or to a country that would be to their liking! No one has stopped them! To move to a country and then decry it’s moral values is ridiculous! This country has had the same values since before we migrated here! At the time, it looked appealing but now it doesn’t? How ridiculous is that?

No one can claim to be on a higher moral ground when in a country that is NOT the country of their birth. To do so is ridiculous and should be condemned! Across Europe, countries are facing problems with immigrants who are engaged in recreating the country they migrated from. In many ways, one can say, Europe is burning, literally and figuratively! Before that situation comes to the US of A and Bharat, it is necessary that ALL citizens of these two countries unite, regardless of their religious affiliation.

God Bless America. जय माँ भारती

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