The past few days I have been inundated with emails about the CAA and proposed NRC bills. Most have agreed with my viewpoint and affirmed the need for these reforms. However, there are some who have disagreed, and those interest me – because I would like to understand their points of view. One of the main concerns has been as to why the Hindus are have been so apathetic about the state in the nation. My discussions with a friend and statistician who researched this across a sampling of about 12,000 subjects across Bharat found they agreed with the Bill but had concerns about the timing of these. About 6000 questioned the rationale behind them! A large majority of the 30,000 Hindus surveyed believed the Government should focus on fixing the economy before anything else. As to the question on the problem of Kashmiri (Hindu) Pandits who were forced to flee from Kashmir – almost 30% did not even attempt the question. It is likely that they were not even aware of such an exodus of Hindus from our own country! It is high time that the indifferent and sleeping Hindus wake up. Wake up Oh Hindu!

One reader even questioned my intent in writing, what the person claimed were articles instigating violence. I’m not sure if he was reading my articles or someone else’s articles, because I have never asked people to be violent!

When our Dharma is in trouble, we need to be vigilant. Read that state the again, and you will see I didn’t say “become a vigilante”! That being said, it is necessary to fight with the same weapons that are being used against us. The pacifism that Gandhi proposed is not one that yielded results. In my opinion, it caused more harm to Bharat than the British did. I would go as far as saying, Gandhi was a masochist. Lord Krishna said, to Arjuna, “ Not fighting against Adharma is another form of Adharma, so fight oh Great Warrior!” The immediate question that comes to mind is, what Adharma is happening currently? When citizens have to live like refugees, what else would one call it?

We are now witnesses to Bharat facing a tumultuous situation with new regulations that are being passed. People that were challenging the government to pass these laws are now taken aback! Why? Because they expected status quo and that is not the situation now! One person even said that I should promote equal rights! Wait, i didn’t know I had that many readers and, that even one of them was influenced by my writings! Also, if what this person asked for is true, then he shouldn’t have a problem with me promoting the Uniform Civil Code(UCC)! Equal rights, my friend! You can’t have it both ways! On the one hand you want equal rights but don’t want UCC!!

Not all people have misunderstood the new regulations. Many people of the minority community have supported the new regulations. They have probably understood the laws far better than the creatures that exist in Bollywood! Don’t get me started on them! The left leaning Bollywood has never had the intestinal fortitude nor the mental strength to come out in support of Kashmiri Pandits! Those that did, have now been relegated to the background, like Kangana Ranauth and Payal Rohatgi. They have, however, come out in support of the Rohingyas and illegal immigrants who were from the minority community not mentioned in the CAA!

The common people have lost the ability to read, think and weigh the options with all the TV talk shows putting their views across! Where they should have read the new laws, they misread the implications of these laws. Where they should have thought about citizens living as refugees, they thought about infiltrators masquerading as citizens. Where they should have thought about what other options the government had, they thought about burning buses. When the UP government started sealing property owned by these pyromaniacs, in order to recover the damages caused, many on the left called this a police state! Really? So allowing people to set fire to public/private property is democratic? Do these people even know what they speak, or, are they just giving sound bytes to the friendly talk shows!??

Western media has never really seen Bharat in the same light they have seen other countries. While they have been talking about these incidents as commonplace in Bharat , which it’s not, they’ve chosen to ignore similar situations in Europe! People in these countries are facing similar situations but none in the media has even talked about it. Yet, CNN, MSNBC and the likes are more watched by the citizens than any other channels!

The day, the people of this great country learn to discern the difference between right and wrong is the day Bharat is going to be truly independent. Till then, all I can say is

उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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