Sushant Singh Rajput

Maharashtra is a state known for its rich culture, tradition, vivid cuisine and above all, it is known as the Financial hub of India! Recent years were full of ups & downs politically where people voted for a stable government with clear mandate.

Somehow, the political scenario changed overnight and a new alliance got formed which is the current ruling dispensation. Alliance was a compromise on ideologies and one of the
biggest political betrayal. There was a clear outrage against this on all platforms and
even in their own party workers. The state is now full of political drama or adventures if
we say.

Unfortunate incidents happened in series like Palghar case where innocent Hindu sadhus got lynched and that too in front of Maharashtra police personnel. Huge outrage of sentiments was observed across Indian mainstream Media and social media. Hindu Sadhus all over came together and demanded justice for the two sadhus murdered in Palghar.

While we were waiting patiently for justice amidst the corona pandemic one more disaster took place which wrenched the sentiments of many, especially the youth across India. An Actor from a small town who had reached attained success in show business on his own merit without any Godfather was found dead inside his own apartment under suspicious circumstances.

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead on the morning of 14th June and was declared as suicide even before a proper police investigation and post mortem was conducted. But millions of fans along with a few Bollywood personalities & activists who sensed foul play, protested and have demanded a CBI probe in Sushant’s case. The case has gotten murkier by the day with a lot of high profile influential people reportedly involved. Even his family
is not satisfied with the investigation done by the state police.

Even for the Palghar lynching of Hindu sadhus many of us sought the handover of the case to CBI but the State government refused. Maharashtra State government has stated that the state police is capable enough to solve these cases and people should show faith and not politicize. Which is fair enough. However many are not satisfied and raise the following questions:

When the govt asks to “Show faith in police” then why at the same time they raised
questions on the same police in Bhima Koregaon case?? Why some of them are
trying to dump the case while the accused people are roaming free now without completing

This is where the public stands right when they ask for CBI investigation for Palghar and
Sushant Singh’s case. The government should not have double standards.

The Government expects support from the public, expects trust and faith but is it wrong if
the public expects the same in return? A fair and transparent investigation to provide justice?? If there is nothing to hide then why are they trying everything possible to
stop a CBI the probe? If CBI findings come out the same as that of police, it will automatically reinstate people’s trust in the state police. Democracy is by the people, for the people then why not respect public sentiments??

Only time will tell, destiny will decide and Karma will reply. I hope Our Maharashtra becomes peaceful and more beautiful from within soon!

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3 years ago

complitly agree we Bihari’s have lots faith conern love for Maharashtra . i hope one day every thing will be fine coz there are many bihari who completly dependent on Maharashtra . there may be up and down but sure MAaharashtra will achive its glorry soon. Im sure Shusant and Palghar saints will get justice soon. just because persent government Maharastra is geting humiliated and they are also unfurtunate coz there ruling government is not there choice