Back in 2019, when Narendra Modi was campaigning to get re-elected, a majority of the campaign was common people like you and I. Yes, the political parties have a lot of spending money on these campaigns but word of mouth is the biggest campaign. Even overseas, the friends of these political parties spend a lot of time and energy in campaigning for their political parties. People like Nirmala Reddy from Chicago, Ashwini Subban from the Bay Area and a host of others invested a lot of their time in word of mouth campaigns. The end result was proof enough that their efforts were not wasted. When he was in Texas, a few months ago, the Prime Minister introduces the President of the USA to “his family”, the 50,000 people that had come to hear him. Talk to any one of them and they reciprocate that feeling. He is a part of my family just as much as your family and so on! One never deserts family, and that was proved!

We now have another “family member” who is contesting an election. This time, it’s not in India but here, in the USA. Ritesh Tandon, a Republican, is contesting an election against a Democrat. While the politics is of prime importance, the people tirelessly working behind the scenes to help Ritesh get elected is proof enough that he is not “just another politician”. People like Aditya Satsangi, Parmeet Randhawa, Sid Shettar and an army of volunteers are spreading the word with relentless messages and word of mouth campaigns! The fact that Ritesh is a part of “the larger family” only adds to the enthusiasm and energy that is so necessary in such work.

Speak to any one of them and you hear the urgency and the need for a friendly voice in Congress. A voice that would represent India, and Indians. Driving around the constituency, after a long day at their day jobs, placing placards, discussing strategies to help Ritesh and other seemingly trivial, but vitally important tasks, Ritesh’s “family” is doing a wonderful job in ensuring that a friendly voice is elected. Every single one of them has a smile on their face, be it 10am at the office or 1 am placing placards at strategic and vantage points. That enthusiasm is infectious. I am sure Ritesh appreciates their effort. Like I said earlier, Ritesh is family and when family calls for help, we jump in.

Ritesh, the one expectation we have is that, unlike your rival, you speak for the Indian population here in the USA and, back home in India. Having spoken to you and heard you speak frankly, we believe you’ll meet our expectations.

Just recently he was part of Candlelight commemoration of 30th Anniversary of Hindu Kashmiri Pundits Genocide held at majestic City Hall in San Jose and he tweeted as below:

Best of luck to OUR family member, Ritesh Tandon!

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