Minneapolis protests

The past few weeks have been forgettable, for the USA but more so, for the twin cities of Minneapolis-St Paul! Starting with the city council passing “judgement” on another country’s legal system, it forgot to protect its own interests. End Result: the Indian community around the country, even if the local Indian population has kept mum, is not very happy with this city and its representatives.

Just when the city was still sitting on the proverbial high chair, for the Democrats anyway, a person, George Floyd, who wrote a bad check dies in Minneapolis-St Paul! That too, at the hands, or under the knee, of a local law enforcement officer, while his colleagues looked on!!! I’m not going to tell you how George was a great guy! Every person has his/her faults and so did George Floyd. This didn’t mean he had to die suffocated under the knee of an officer who was supposed to protect the law.

What has resulted is a nightmare that reminds many of us of the riots when the Rodney King incident in the early part of the 90s. Breaking into stores, looting and burning became common place in the USA. Where Minneapolis-St Paul condemned a sovereign nation because of a law within that country, lawlessness has escalated because of the behavior of 4 law enforcement officers! That this city is unable to contain this lawlessness, but would like another country to change its laws, is unbelievable but true!! Surprisingly, the very same bunch of council members that indicted INDIA didn’t have a word to say about the lawlessness. The media, however, did find a way to make this about the President of the USA! How? This happened in city that’s run by Democrats, in a state that’s governed by a Democrat and yet, Trump was the cause for this injustice?

Back in India, the story has taken over as an elitist story. Not many are aware of what happened to George Floyd but those that are, have now joined the BLM movement! Our thanks to these people! Would these people also join the #JusticeforSadhus and the #helpkashmiripandits, as it will show these people have a heart and are not just joining issues that suit them! I wish they had joined these movements prior to being nudged by people! Now it will look like a reaction! I guess Deepika Padukone doesn’t have any movie that’s being released otherwise she’d probably be here in New York City with the arsonists and looters getting her photographs taken!

Can I ask the Pulitzer Committee and Columbia University, who present this award, to now present the award to the journalists that have taken photographs of NYC burning, as this is “an expression of demanding equality”! Remember, Pulitzer committee, how you awarded the photographer who took pictures of people rioting in Kashmir? But, chances are you will never do that because journalism was never in consideration when you awarded the photo of Kashmir the award! It was the intention to look down upon a country that was not dependent on you anymore! A country that was now standing up to the USA!

Unlike Minneapolis-St Paul and Seattle, you’re not going to see the city councils within India pass judgement on the happenings within the USA. This is not because they’re scared of us but because they have a little more common sense and a lot more class than the city councils of those two cities.

Until we can see injustice in the way George Floyd was treated and the way the sadhus of Palghar were treated as blots on humanity, our expressions of solidarity with the BLM are just hollow! The ordinary Indian understands the relevance of the two issues; isn’t it time the supposedly educated “Anivasi Bharatiya” also understands this?

God Bless the USA. उत्तिष्ठ भारत। जय माँ भारती

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