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When we talk of 2020, it has been one of the shakiest years with the pandemic disrupting every aspect of life. In the last six months, along with the pandemic, the world has experienced other geographic and environmental fluctuations at an unprecedented level.

So, what about Indian Politics this year? Well, politics in India has also shown many surprises and unexpected turns this year. When we talk about the politics of India in 2020 it has been nothing less than a gripping suspense movie with all sorts of drama and surprises unfolding in front of public each day. We saw a change in government in Madhya Pradesh, a revolt in Rajasthan, an on-going power tussle in Maharashtra etc.

One thing we all should accept is that BJP gave a tough fight to every opposition at all fronts. Even in Maharashtra where BJP is in opposition, has taken a stand on many issues and never stopped working, unlike the Congress which seems directionless, weaker in strength and wasting most of its time and energy in solving their internal fights.

Congress party, in recent times, seems to be imploding from within with many disgruntled party workers. Many frictions in the party can be seen and revolts taking place. While Mr.Scindia said ‘enough is enough’ and came out, Sanjay Jha was unceremoniously kicked out, first as National Spokesperson and then completely out of the party with a flimsy reason of antiparty activity. All he did was ask some serious questions to the party leadership. At the same time, Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot are busy in their own fight for power in Rajasthan.

In a democracy, the opposition is not meant to be weak or be termed as a failed party. It is important that the opposition has the government on its feet all the time with real issues of public welfare.

Then what is keeping the Congress which claims to be the oldest political party and the largest opposition party from performing its duties as a responsible opposition? Why does it seem to be scattered and directionless?

It looks they have taken the word “opposition” in the literal meaning. All they have been doing is oppose every move of the government without facts or solutions or even caring if it goes against the national interest – be it CAA, abrogation of Article 370, or the India-China standoff.

When it comes to the economy which has been in turmoil for some time due to a combination of factors that includes major global slug, the ex-chief of Congress only came up with many questions but never offered any worthwhile solution. While the government called the all-party meeting and clarified the Indian government’s response on the Galwan Valley, Rahul Gadhi resorted to unwarranted politics over it without proper facts. He got trolled even by their allies like TMC and YSR Congress for his incomplete facts while putting allegations on government. Even with recent activities, he seems to be confused on whether he wants to be a political leader or a Youtube influencer.

When one observes the public perception on social media one can feel the lack of general interest in watching interviews by Congress leaders or even taking their views seriously. They have developed a clear disconnect with ground realities and seem to be distant away from the pulse of the nation. The lack of strong and visionary leadership is very evident. Not an ideal situation for a healthy democracy.

This raises the question – is it the beginning of the end of the grand old political party or will we see them come up with new faces dismantling the dynasty that has helmed the affairs for too long and plunged the party into an abyss? Only time will tell.

In my view, opposition in 2020 stands confused, fact-less, cornered and heading towards self-destruction so far.

NOTE: This piece of opinion was first published on thecommunemag.com

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