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Kashmir has been a burning issue, for nearly 70 years! Prior to the abrogation of 370 and 35a, India cut communication, of any sort, to avoid any terror attacks! Pakistan, after the initial shock, took this to the UN as a violation of human rights. While this in itself would be yesterday’s news, let’s examine somethings the UN has never had the time to investigate and neither has anyone, including India, ever brought before this august body.

Hindus, in the failed state of Pakistan, have been decimated to a point where their total population is hovering around 1% of the total population! Conversions, maiming, killing(not necessarily in that order) have become a daily occurrence and yet, their plight is ignored. The possible reason for people ignoring this is it isn’t happening blatantly. The EU has documented that about 1000 Hindu girls, under the age of 18, go missing every year, in Pakistan! That is just under 3 girls a day! Yet, we see apathy from the Hindus around the world! Why?

Why is it that we don’t seem to take this with the gravity it rightly deserves? Yes, these people decided to stay back when the countries were split, but that was because of the false promises made by Jinnah and his gang of “leaders”. Let’s think for a minute before we blame these Hindus. Given all the massacres that happened during the partition, given a choice to live ONLY if you stayed in Pakistan, what would you do?

People like Dr Omendra Ratnu have been fighting for these forgotten, ignored, people. A vocal proponent for the re-settlement of Pakistani Hindus, he has been talking about their plight with anyone that was willing to listen. A surgeon by profession, he speaks with cutting accuracy, statistics and all, about the pathetic state of these forgotten people! India was willing to accept the illegal Rohingyas; the MSM was willing to go to battle for them and yet, this same media is NOT ready to talk about the plight of Pakistani Hindus! It is left to small time columnists, like yours truly, to highlight the gross negligence and genocide that is happening!

When I recently read about Mr Baldev Kumar, an ex-member of the Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf (PTI not to be mistaken for the Press Trust of India), my interest in this issue was piqued. It is never a good feeling when the captain abandons a “sinking ship”, but that’s exactly what happened. He flew to India, with his family, and asked for asylum! I don’t know much about this gentleman but he was one of few leaders who was a Hindu. The few Hindus who still live in that country relied on him to help them, but how could he? He was a Hindu himself and was most definitely under pressure to convert to Islam just like the others! I don’t fault him nor should any sensible person. He had the resources to come to India but the others don’t! How does one help them? We don’t have any diplomatic ties with this country but desperately need to help them! Those that migrated, thro whatever means, are waiting to be declared Indians. When Adnan Sami became Indian, he had the financial resources and the backing of Bollywood, but I don’t see anyone lining up to help these abandoned souls! I say souls, because, if we don’t help them soon, they will definitely be victims of a horrendous attack and that will definitely be on us!

The Government of India has got to step up its efforts to either have the UN step in and help settle them in India or else, we will be helpless witnesses to a genocide we could have avoided. It is ironic that Pakistan, fighting in the UN, for the Muslims in Kashmir (by the way, they are happy and now PoK wants liberation from Pakistan)has conveniently hidden the plight of the hapless Hindu population from the eyes of the UN. People, like Senator Bernie Sanders, need to get their political rhetoric straightened out and start addressing this issue! But then, Bernie would never do that because he has never really tried to understand the plight of Hindus. I feel bad for him because, with one statement about Kashmir, he has potentially lost the entire Indian support he had. Stay tuned as we will see a backtrack by Bernie! I would love to hear what he says when doing so. I would vote for him if he were to highlight the deplorable state of Hindus in Pakistan!!

Wouldn’t you?

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