When a country, like India, has to protect itself from hostile neighbors, it is expected that traditional weapons, guns and its siblings, are a necessity. Internally too, a country needs its people to be safe; as a result, an economy is partially diverted to the procuring of said weapons. Over a period of time, traditional weapons have gotten enhanced as well, with newer features and capabilities. The defense of a country is of paramount importance.

These guns and weapons are important but not as important as the people wielding it! Be it the Army, Air Force, Navy or the other wings of the national defense. The police are usually overlooked but, of late, they’ve been going through some changes with newer weapons being procured.

Does this mean India is well equipped to deal with threats to national security? Yes, but, so are its’ neighbors. So how does one claim to have a superior defense? It’s the personnel that makes the country safe. When the personnel are driven by a love for the country, a Mirage WILL bring down the formidable F-16, and that’s a fact! So, does power really flow through the barrel of a gun, as Mao Tse Tung claimed, or does power flow through the people wielding the gun? India’s neighbors, on the west, have seen coup after coup with the army playing a major hand in their daily lives and selecting political rulers, while Indian defense personnel are in action when national security is jeopardized.

When a country becomes a military power along with a formidable economy, like the USA and now India, this attracts attention from both supporters as well as detractors! One of the first things I learned was to keep your friends close and a close eye on your enemies. This is practiced with the covert agencies within the defense establishment, like the CIA, The Mossad, RAW and, yes, the ISI. When these agencies fail to do what they are supposed to, the National security is jeopardized. The people within these agencies are as important to the country, as the people in uniform.

Covert Operations Agencies worldwide are tasked with not only protecting their countries but also have the unenviable task of detecting any potential threats to the economy and defense of the country as well as friends.

An economically powerful country, in today’s world, is defined by its economic growth and buying power. These countries have extremely well trained covert operations! When a country’s survival is threatened by its economic stagnation, covert operations look inwards! That country’s leadership is not too far away from becoming extinct. Yes, it will still exist on the maps but it’s relevance is diminishing, and that is what Pakistan is now potentially facing. This was clearly visible in the speeches made by the two Prime Ministers. While one talked about growth, development and economic stimulus, the other, woefully, spoke about a possible invasion by India. Lest we forget, India has never started a war, although they have finished all the wars, except for the one in ‘62.

To these brave hearts who defend their country, both from the USA and India, I would like to say, ‘Thank You for your sacrifice and service towards the country. You’re the reason, we enjoy the freedom; politicians enjoy their freedom to abuse you and call you goondas(street thugs) but you’re the salt of the earth.”

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