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What India has seen on 26th January, 2021 is a trailer. The real film is yet to come. That will be a full-fledged civil war. That is at the least the aim of SFJ.

What is the basis of this kind of fear or assertion?

The basis of this assertion is the visit of the head of the SFJ to Spain to study how Catalonia Separatists organized referendum in Spain in 2017.

And the first (and perhaps the last) similarity we saw was use of  tractors. Catalonia separatists used it. SFJ in the name of Indian Farmers used it.

The future course of events can be foreseen from what happened in Catalonia, as per BBC publications, ‘Catalonia Crisis in 300 Words’, Oct 14, 2019 and  ‘Catalonia’s bid for independence from Spain explained’, Oct 18, 2019.

Some quotable quotes from BBC Publications:

Why Catalonia Protest?

“There is a widespread feeling that the central government takes much more in taxes than it gives back. But the complexity of budget transfers makes it hard to judge exactly how much more Catalans contribute than they get back from investment in services, such as schools and hospitals.”

 The History of Catalonia

“Catalonia has its own language and distinctive traditions, and a population nearly as big as Switzerland’s (7.5 million).”

The Day of Referendum

“The day of referendum marked total chaos. Many people including policemen lost lives’.

Outcome of Referendum

“In a referendum on 1 October 2017, declared illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court, about 90% of Catalan voters backed independence. But turnout was only 43%.”

Post Referendum

“Separatist leaders jailed.”

“Demonstrators took to the streets in fury and have repeatedly clashed with police in some of the worst street violence to hit Spain in decades.”


The EU Response

“The EU has treated the crisis as an internal matter for Spain,…’


BBC’s Word of Wisdom on Catalonia Referendum

“If the separatists do ever manage to split away, it would be hard for Catalonia to win recognition internationally”.

“New states mostly emerge from situations where ethnic groups have been victims of genocide or other major human rights abuses.”

“Kosovo was a huge humanitarian crisis for Europe – even so, many countries refuse to recognise it as independent.”

“During this crisis, the Catalan economy has suffered. Thousands of businesses, including major banks and energy firms, have moved their headquarters out of the region.”


Do you see any similarity in Catalonia Referendum and (Work in Progress) SFJ Referendum, aka,  Farmer’s Protest (for now), except use of Tractors?


  • Catalonia Referendum was by State Government against Center’s rule. No such issue here! What is the loci-standi of the leader of SFJ? Except, the leader of Catalonia Referendum is self-imposed exile and leader of SFJ  is now a citizen of USA.
  • Catalonia Referendum was there because State believed they paid more in taxes and got less in return. No such issue here!
  • “Catalonia has its own language and distinctive traditions, and a population nearly as big as Switzerland’s (7.5 million).” No such issue here!
  • “New states mostly emerge from situations where ethnic groups have been victims of genocide or other major human rights abuses.” No such issue here! (death of Sikhs in 1984 riots are the only thing being propagated, without accepting that it was a mob frenzy in reaction to despicable and inexcusable act of a member of a Sikh, incited by Khalistani propaganda, who shot to death the Prime Minister of India, contrary to providing security for which they were employed. In the great Indian/ Sikh tradition, such an act is ‘unimaginable’ and most shameful. That is called treason in any country. The population of Delhi has been living in peace with Sikhs always before and after that unfortunate day. Sikhs are and have been in leadership positions in politics at the national level. At the State level, they have had uninterrupted political power, since partition in 1947.


Some Facts About SFJ

  1. SFJ is a not for profit formed since 2007, with a registered office at (529 14TH ST NW Washington DC, DC 20045-1000).(USA)
  2. SFJ filed 990N for 2019, which is filed by Not for Profit, Tax Exempt organizations, having annual total receipts less than $50,000.
  3. SFJ has recently announced $1,000,000 grant to farmers for Khalistan support.
  4. SFJ has announced $10,000 reward for hoisting Khalistani flag on government office in Punjab.
  5. SFJ had recently announced a reward of $250,000 to those who would hoist the flag of Khalistan on the Red Fort.
  6. SFJ runs a live (propaganda) TV.
  7. SFJ has offices in USA, Canada and UK.

USA Office

75-20 Astoria Blvd, Suite 170,
Jackson Heights, NY, 11370,

Canada Office

250 University Ave. Suite 200,
Toronto,ON M5H 3E5,

United Kingdom Office

1 Canada Square 37th Floor Suite 14A,
Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA,

  1. SFJ can be reached Toll Free # +1.833-SFJ-2020; Landline # +1.817-672-8000;

Questions of Imminent Concern

  1. Should the Government of India allow continuing farmers protest supported by SFJ?
  2. Should the Government of India wait to turn farmers protest supported by SFJ into a Civil War?
  3. Should well-meaning Sikhs in India not condemn SFJ in public?
  4. Would the work of Kanwar Pal Singh Gill, IPS, and his team to crush Khalistani extremism in 1980s be allowed to go waste?
  5. Should IRS not audit/ investigate receipts of SFJ; having total annual receipts less than $50,000 and announcing grants and rewards in Millions of dollars to cause sedition? If SFJ receipts really turn out less than $50,000; it then clearly demands terror funding investigation as per Laws of the USA.
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