Ever since “the abrogation”, there has been a constant chatter between the members of the Indian National Congress. While a majority of them are toe-ing the party line, i.e opposed to the abrogation, there has been the occasional opposition to this party line. Jairam Ramesh, Shashi Tharoor, Abhishek Singhvi, Jyotiraditya Sindhia are a few who have spoken against the party lines. Is it me or does the party have people with brains? Here, in the USA, we have two parties who are ideologically at the opposite ends! One favors the top down formula, aka trickle down policy, while the other favors the bottoms up formula(give the common person the money and businesses will succeed). However, there are patriots on both sides. The leadership might not be up to par but that’s a small price to pay! In India, we have a majority of the political parties against the unification of the country! Unification of an Indian population is NOT something that should be opposed by any parties but that’s the naïveté in me speaking. After all, it is naive to expect the Indian National Congress to support anything that is in favor of the Indian people!

While I’m on the subject of my naïveté, I read an article in the global news giant, National Herald, on the passing of Arun Jaitley! Whatever one’s impression of Mr Jaitley, he was a human being that deserved respect upon his death. The newspaper decided to call all his purported “wrongdoings” out, like demonetization. The fact that this was done by the National Herald speaks volumes. The mouthpiece of the “Gandhi” family has already shown the respect that it deserves!

Speaking of respect, who is a true Indian? Is it the person who was born in India or the one who has inculcated Indian values? Vilifying journalists for their obvious anti-India bias is, in my mind, fair game. That being said, let’s step back and see who else we are going after. We seem to be under the impression that, as Indians, we are the “thekedaars” of Indianness while others are “fancy-dress participants.” Saw a very cute white couple who came to the temple! The girl was in a saree while the young man was in A Kurta and Dhoti. Rather than appreciate them for their respect to Indian temples, I had a young man, in shorts, who was snickering about their outfits! Really? Should I have held up a mirror to this idiot?

Speaking of holding a mirror to someone, should China really be asking for democracy in Democratic India, given their background of communism? In addition, to support Pakistan’s claim that the Muslim in Kashmir is being ill-treated is ridiculous, given the way the Uighurs are interned within China!! This is a classic case of thieves yelling “thief”! China has over a million Uighurs who are in “re-education” camps while Muslims in india are free to practice their faith! The Muslim world needs to be educated enough to decipher who’s a friend and who’s not! Hint: China is not and neither is Pakistan!!

The week has been an interesting one but thank god, we have a new one starting today. Have a great week, Y’all!

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