What is it about NaMo that irks the now uncommon Congress supporter? Is it that he’s not INC (most likely) or that he’s not Della Famiglia(possible) or that he’s a Sanghi (also possible)? Un Membro Della Famiglia (one member of The Family) tried to go to Kashmir and was stopped and he feels dissed!! All this because he wanted to go rabble-rousing and wasn’t allowed to! The entire opposition, as one, has been anything but constructive! I include the common people who still support the opposition!! Here’s why!

I was reading a WhatsApp conversation in a group I’m a member of! While the conversation was all over the place, one part of it struck me as odd. Power (electricity) was turned off to certain areas of Karnataka. The person seemed to be of the opinion that this was a failure on NaMo’s part!! Now, let’s get this right! There are certain tasks that the state has to do and this is one of them! Granted, the state is governed by the BJP but, that doesn’t mean Narendra Modi is in charge of the state.

We have the SEB (State Electricity Boards, or whatever they’re called now) that regulates electricity across the states. To add to this, the state governments have an autonomy in saying which parts of any state should be given partial electricity! How does that make NaMo responsible for the electricity situation of a state?

For those of us that ask the question, “what exactly is the center tasked with”, my question back at them is, “are you serious?” The center is in charge of an economy and the welfare of over 1.3 billion people! In this, one can add the regulation of financial institutions, education, social reform..the list goes on and on!! To this, add the constant need for national defense and you have a full-blown job in itself! When one cannot state the failures of the center, a lack of constant electricity in areas of a state, becomes a bigger than big deal!! The fact that the country, as one, has reached heights that were, till 5 years ago, unimaginable is lost on them! Do we blame the Federal Govt for New York’s failures in protecting its citizens? No!! Then how do we blame the central government for the failures of a state?

The state governments, be it Karnataka, Andhra, U.P or Kashmir, have their own tasks and problems to handle! Whether the government is a BJP government or not, is secondary! The common person, as an educated citizen has to be able to decipher what is, and is not, in the purview of the center! The states have the task of enforcing national policies and standards that affect the common person! Be it statewide education, local law enforcement or statewide electricity, it falls under the state!

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” said Lord Acton! When “il membro più anziano Della Famiglia” (the senior most member of The Family) had a puppet in place, the member and family enjoyed the utmost perks without having to shoulder ANY responsibilities! Does that mean everyone in power is corrupt? I doubt it!! The one thing we can’t blame NaMo about is being corrupt! The man hasn’t brought any of his relatives into positions of power nor has he shown any inclination to favorites!! His bank accounts are open for all to see! Detractors will blame Nirav Modi and others on NaMo but the truth is these happened waaaay before NaMo came to the center! The ridiculous number of people that benefited, both fiscally and otherwise, from many governments in the past have been documented well enough, but that’s a thing of the past! The present day situation is that NONE will benefit from common friends nor relatives! One will benefit if one is qualified! Can it be more transparent? I don’t think so but then I’m sure many would disagree!

When one is inclined to criticize any and every move by Modi or blame everything on him, it stands to reason that one is being illogical! To convince any illogical person to use logic and succeed would require a genius! Unfortunately, I’m not a genius. Are you?

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